Submit your poems now.

As you all know, I recently started an online lit mag Olive skins exclusively for abstract poetry and art and I would really appreciate if you all check it out and and submit your work. The details can be checked out here. So what are you waiting for? Let’s hear your pain, sorrow, art anything… Continue reading Submit your poems now.

Olive Skins is live now

Thank you for such an overwhelming response for my new literary platform “Olive skins”. We have received some really great submissions and soon would be putting up on the site. Meanwhile, please visit the site, follow and check out the amazing poets we have for now. There is a lot more to come. Some real… Continue reading Olive Skins is live now

A slipping poem

An entire life wraps itself beneath the curtain of my orange mess. You see few things here biting me like a void, a fist to feel the pain I have things half-written over here, a half-written aesthetic journal hammered down with sunburnt phases. I have twigs of my memory packed in a box of despair… Continue reading A slipping poem


There is absolutely no pattern for a person to decay or a pattern for the fruit to burst. Nature shove the ashes of human anatomy like a geranium in rust and spit into the sky. A definite pause for the system to observe cracks open with no faint hope, at times. How do you see… Continue reading Uniformity