This poem is broken

restlessness spits the wall of death in hunger & pain. my body rotates like a disc surrendered sound of music. tip toed stigma, a struggle each day insects sound screeches, this wooden brain, or an empty space of lovemaking. call it anything. say it names, zig-zag platonic voids plastic belly button games. sick voice of… Continue reading This poem is broken

All Blank

Tropical horizons of numb walls, Wherein lies my dead mind, impotent veins. Inside of my skins bursts, spelling the blank point where there is no moss, where there is no sapphire Sustenance to soliloquy dreams dipped in blank paints Who am I? A corpse of redundant hopes, a pool of mosquitoes, tortoise eye. Stammering lips… Continue reading All Blank


Rubbing my fragile hands over my soiled neck, I felt a vibration from the crooked radio’s tune The twirls of flaccid rays and patterns of black and white always speak the sweet dazzling truth. My mouth says the violent words as my eyes perch on illusion. This world makes me sick and sick till my… Continue reading Disappearance


I sit here absorbing my own vault tears, sobbing the dirt that was under my blanket. Moist blankets and roses crawl like an uncanny mist all over my face and crack me here on my nostrils, on my thighs that now lie like a drunk teenager amidst the forbidden land, a forest. Earlier this morning,… Continue reading Time


A death star dissects my white bare skin And lanterns of judgments evolve like the zombies of oblivious sand The peppermint of the next hour circulate in my iris, Unconsolidated reverie of prayers, asking the same coherent word. Promises, a fallen star, destruction all are in symmetry if one leaves other stays Inch by inch… Continue reading Recurrence


I have selfish bruises on my white index finger, Quisling pack of cigarettes yet my favourite lover, I have pain carved around my parched mouth, Thorns and roses bloom in my inner thigh I have seen death with open eye An extension of chewed electrons of despair assiduous diamond of shaved flower, This moment is… Continue reading Catharsis

A Parasite.

  In the alcoholic eyes of mine, I choked on your divine name knitting dreams of your dreary arms I kissed my own grave. Sordid, papable walks confine me now Cold hemisphere, stifle my pharynx. What more I desire from the bleeding roses of lost hope? I am back in my own dirt now. Clustered… Continue reading A Parasite.

This state of Reality

choke the cool breeze into my harsh reality for I belong to the bricks of the wall the screech of my language, wrapped in the tongue of anatomy producing dark curtains, throttling small rooms the lines of my palms remain  a false alarm haywire sky, haywire mind I could hear my slow breaths now disappearing… Continue reading This state of Reality


    Tongues of slacking fingers turn the yellow pages of the book. Between letters lies space, space of empty bowl the shadow, the lamp, the oil, without sunset, the vessel and substance. Dried petals of last night’s flower forgot the meadow of my mouth. The breeze did not speak my name. lost in the… Continue reading Dissent

Dark howl

I am no summer breeze. Neither I am a warm blanket to provide that yearning, surreal warmth. My own soul is shivering, heart sees cracks here and there, Irrevocable my tears are on this pillow. Fierce, ghost-like shadows perching on my knee joints, It hurts. It hurts my paradise dreams. And you say I am… Continue reading Dark howl