The end of a lullaby

the shriek of my body, a purple loose hanging moon beneath the toes- a shriek so wild stretches through the carcass I have nothing left to weep now for the moon has taken a dip inside the river. I hear my village burning, and see people sleeping so quietly, so wildly as if nothing ever… Continue reading The end of a lullaby

Hear my Podcast episode-as I talk about creativity.

Dear Readers, Hear me talk to the adventurous soul Petra on the recent episode for her Podcast that she calls “Erratic Hat Podcast”. I talk about creativity, the writing process and about publishing process etc. You can check out the podcast and her blog here. Also, I have changed my newsletter title now- it is… Continue reading Hear my Podcast episode-as I talk about creativity.

A landscape-

the rivers that speak of us, warmer bodies nectars of jasmine and hibiscus- a lady from photograph, biting a strange loneliness sitting onto her bosom a strange memory of distilled longings- a lady that sulks and pronounce everything watery, dreams of wildfire and river-beds I travel through her caricature, her oblong drifting fingers, eyes of… Continue reading A landscape-

The body

The flesh is incoherentthe nuance of this body is sandall things that sit inside my bones, tremblelike sounds unheard,from the Indian mountains it begins to crackpiece by pieceas if it is the wail of timeas if there is no neck to this body.Humans- all that they love, sinks beneath,somewhere.And my eyes become wrinkled pomegranate seedsawash… Continue reading The body

This Moment

Inspired by- Eavan Boland A balcony. Brewed tea. Things are getting ready. a neighbour folds her dried out clothes. Another vendor strolls across the streets. Oranges and papayas , he screams. Stars and moon, things become raw at night. Opaque tunes of the clouds distorting, things pause as the sun sets in. This moment, a… Continue reading This Moment

Tiny letter- A mindful letter straight to your inbox

Hi, It’s just a reminder if in case you all wish to receive a mail full of mindful resources, articles along with some classic poetry, artwork you can subscribe to my newsletter that I have been issuing since the pandemic started in order to balance out all the negativity with a dash of positivity. You… Continue reading Tiny letter- A mindful letter straight to your inbox

My newsletter- Tiny Letter

Dear all, Thank you for always reading my work on WordPress. My love for you all will always be huge. Though it would mean a lot if you can subscribe to my tiny letter newsletter. I would be sharing some beautifully curated poetry of some great poets/ articles/ artworks and it shall also have insights… Continue reading My newsletter- Tiny Letter