Things return like autumn, with leaves, shades and colours as your mountain essence stick to my collar-bone, in the moments of nights, haze, dawn. One by one, I circle around you, infinite-ball-of-love and soaked in your fingers and memories of the return, this mahogany burns, it burns as a bay leaf in segments and silveryContinue reading “As-You-return”

The way- I am

do you remember the blues penetrating my veins of penumbra stoic sheets? your cutting voice of thunder like a thorn poking my chiselled neck & colour my white skin turning weird a stinking smell of appearance & a missing map between cities. cities of loss, cities of despair. And i danced in the hollows ofContinue reading “The way- I am”


How do you define my perforated body aches with meteors dissolving? It’s an harrowing scenario with blood screams, thunders stuck to my backbone. Lipids going haywire and my eyes swollen with a pool of tyranny. Nostrils flutter like vintage sheets of paper, obsolete in obscure point. A point of missing mornings and seasons. Each night,Continue reading “missing-breaths”

Whisper and the Roar- Collective

As already stated this is a collection of some profound writers and a web of survival stories that always make me proud. Proud of the fact, that I am part of this stunning community. The writings here are strong and makes you feel your bones like never before. The writings not only intrigues one’s mindContinue reading “Whisper and the Roar- Collective”

When -the -pendulum- strikes

During nights, my body becomes a range of chemicals. The nocturnal nails dip in the swamp of black thoughts. My windowsill evaporates, fumes of my detailed miseries. It’s not saddening what my mind does to my hand and arms. My hair bun, all soaked in summer sweat, dripping anxiety like forlorn tales of missing citiesContinue reading “When -the -pendulum- strikes”