When -the -pendulum- strikes

During nights, my body becomes a range of chemicals. The nocturnal nails dip in the swamp of black thoughts. My windowsill evaporates, fumes of my detailed miseries. It’s not saddening what my mind does to my hand and arms. My hair bun, all soaked in summer sweat, dripping anxiety like forlorn tales of missing citiesContinue reading “When -the -pendulum- strikes”


I have selfish bruises on my white index finger, Quisling pack of cigarettes yet my favourite lover, I have pain carved around my parched mouth, Thorns and roses bloom in my inner thigh I have seen death with open eye An extension of chewed electrons of despair assiduous diamond of shaved flower, This moment isContinue reading “Catharsis”


I see you hanging from the roots of the mighty moon that join the oblivion distance between our naked space. This space is Point Blank. Your screams scratch your inner linings of delicate skin, producing an hour of a shooting star. A river of pervasive murmurs. I walk along, to slurp the pain, the gain,Continue reading “Corona”

A Hoax

Incandescent vapours of sunshine, Forms on Orphic pattern of hope, miseries. I walk like a daydream, butter on paper. Found to the known, lost to the soil..who am I? Imbricated like orange peels, Stuck like a star-dust to my mundane house ceilings. Where, roses and feathers caress my faith, Only to know, this table andContinue reading “A Hoax”

The sweet innocent Palm.

The shambolic evening sings music With petals of petunia in my thigh I mock at the hypocrite crowd The masked souls, enough of charcoal tonight I shall burst my bubbles of insanity you say, for I am home to wild hills Where the temple bell sing jingles to my arteries Sinking in my color, theContinue reading “The sweet innocent Palm.”