Darling, a bumblebee of your name comes and sticks to my comatose body strewing words of your lips, porcelain slick drops of rain. There I am, endlessly counting the threads of time, your body like chemicals rushing, talking tounges, flesh sinking in nature. something surreal we deliver to autumn, a painted silhouette of love. We… Continue reading Darling

A craving

I have a craving tonight for a slice of sun or moon- talks, in runs. to decipher the poultices hidden beneath and above, somewhere between your lips & paradise,i have a craving for your love as soft as petals of Petunia a craving to count you & your terminals, your folds of skin. i have… Continue reading A craving

Black pain & walls

i have fallen with troops of maniac inside this cold body disappearing jawbones of sins and masters of death residing inside this globe, the pool of ataxia, the pool of coherence with red pale evenings growing, chilling, breaking, falling, Abstruse thumbs of broken lines making me thaw, ice-cold teeth cracking on black grounds, with lonesome… Continue reading Black pain & walls

Reverberating Words( A Collaboration)

I am so grateful to Nandita for collaborating with me as I really adore her superb writings. She is truly gifted and a sweetheart. Italics- Nandita Hallucinations of clock hovers my hairline dripping ink, dripping heart in the truths and meadows of lost adventures I shut my eyes, thinking black and grey music I think… Continue reading Reverberating Words( A Collaboration)