a bumblebee of your name comes
and sticks to my comatose body
strewing words of your lips,
porcelain slick drops of rain.

There I am, endlessly counting
the threads of time,
your body like chemicals rushing,
talking tounges, flesh sinking in nature.
something surreal we deliver to autumn,
a painted silhouette of love.
We gulp the harrowing throb of time,

inhaling the movements of our doused body,
in a swamp of emblematic sheets of symmetry.
We become a pattern, a floral one,
this is how i take you,
Afternoon red sun.

A craving

I have a craving tonight
for a slice of sun
or moon- talks, in runs.
to decipher the poultices
hidden beneath and above,
somewhere between your lips
& paradise,i have a craving
for your love
as soft as petals of Petunia
a craving to count you
& your terminals,
your folds of skin.
i have a craving to
melt into you,
with skins kissing.

a craving to burn pan cakes
and smudge the edges against us
like a paper ball dancing,
silhouettes swaying,
to put my mouth on your tongue,
to suck your scars
& to incubate it with my
infinite love.


end of #NaPoWriMo.

Black pain & walls

i have fallen with troops of maniac
inside this cold body
disappearing jawbones of sins
and masters of death
residing inside this globe,
the pool of ataxia,
the pool of coherence
with red pale evenings

Abstruse thumbs of broken lines
making me thaw,
ice-cold teeth
cracking on black grounds,
with lonesome stars,
knitting my naked body
like a work of brilliance,
spider's- job,
still, i fall this time...
i fall & it hurts.


Reverberating Words( A Collaboration)

I am so grateful to Nandita for collaborating with me as I really adore her superb writings. She is truly gifted and a sweetheart.

Italics- Nandita

Hallucinations of clock hovers my hairline
dripping ink, dripping heart
in the truths and meadows of lost adventures
I shut my eyes, thinking black and grey music
I think of Chardonnay, I think of a vintage museum
Notions of time and space breathe fire on my neck 
I exhale mists of consciousness even as I 
I am lost in my own numbness, 
I am my own Alice in Wonderland, I pinch my nakedness
Reality tastes different from what I dream 
I shut it out, I sway in the music I make
I sip the hunger of my heavy eyelids
slowly and softly, like the flow of coffins
Emancipation, Satisfaction.
I drink the ambrosia of the blood moon
The nectar driving me to a state of nirvana 
Hysteria, satiation 
The blue’s of my ink and the black’s of my mind
reminds me of those chills and strawberry summers
I draw  a map beneath my fingers, and words come out
Stagnant words, Artless words, Words.
And I put my eyes and my hands swinging now
to meet the demarcations, to meet the oblivion.
Tangerine blood caresses ivory sheets
with azure strokes of tea rose and papaya whip
whisking though, in rainforest eyes, avocado dreams
I carve out impressions on my fingertips
I watch my amorphous words 
draw shapes and patterns from my nebulous existence 
While I become a pendulum to satiate my nothingness 
©Nandita Manan Yata and MVS