Between your dewy lips and wet time I see clocks of white hills humming skins, throbbing breaths pure, symmetrical breaths. Inside the tempestuous wilderness of your eyelids and thumbnail A reflection of paradise exists. Once again, the frozen earth erupts now holding chills, heat and rains all inside sulking the primordial fights and blossoming tiny… Continue reading Entrance

That September

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair”— Pablo Neruda In the sleepless nights of thunder and laughter, I craved the shape of your mouth, where the butterflies built a rainbow soaking in the solemn orange skies. Tranquility glitters as my reflection and my anklets clamour my tears. Oh, the moon weeps, upon the last… Continue reading That September


  In the memory of your conundrum body, I carve my outline onto your colossal caricature, The dreamy eyes, my paradise of lust I see my thighs dipping in your skin, biting the tiniest part, tearing the flesh to discover the hidden mirth Swaying my dark hair on your sturdy wet neck, I take the… Continue reading Yearnings.