The way- I am

do you remember the blues penetrating my veins of penumbra stoic sheets? your cutting voice of thunder like a thorn poking my chiselled neck & colour my white skin turning weird a stinking smell of appearance & a missing map between cities. cities of loss, cities of despair. And i danced in the hollows of… Continue reading The way- I am

As a mind bleeds

You would bleed mentally, axis by axis to know my aching cheeks and lips. they do not flutter, engulfed in smokes my mouth, volatile and dark i am a pattern of transition disgusted each day, separation of tongues divides these breasts once supple, i am a sliced burning moon only diced further, till i dismantle… Continue reading As a mind bleeds

A Poet’s Sanity

Do not cross your doubts in my face of trees Humongous rocks piling and shattering altogether I am a cloak of shadow, hiding and humming chants to release my sanity, blue waters of Mediterranean hunger Clap my soul, and find the twinnings of pieces of glass Fixated on the roots of my birthplace, insanity clamours.… Continue reading A Poet’s Sanity