Autumn Lovers

the yellow stark trees smiling through the purple grass with a nocturnal tether to hold us US- a portrait of clay and dust full of small longings, growing and congregations bending Late autumn, and at night, we melt- melting through skins and teeth through fever and blossoms- We speak of ripped earth and a few… Continue reading Autumn Lovers

Blue velvet sighs

Body of coral sunsets slipping underneath,and I think of your curvatures, silhouettes of water- lotusa heavy mass of flower spinning upon the moon,a daydream and slow night slow as far riverbeds, moaningquick and slow.the fingernails hide a slippery naked climate,fermented by the shiver and body on body dirty tablecloths:dirty walls, kitchen sinks melting awaymelting like… Continue reading Blue velvet sighs

The Awakening-

If I could,I would evaporate through your moutha doorawy to dreamsand tiny dots-wild mushrooms dancing atop our bodiesas if we have trapped the moon in our eyelids-eyelids that do not utter a word, flowers on terrace,static noises we scratch water with nails,dirt on our palmsto know the film of our memoryfloating in the lakethrough breasts,… Continue reading The Awakening-

People like light rays, leave.

People like light rays, leave- Inspired by Sylvia Plath ______________________ Between the ribs, arched, the glow disappears into a surreal thing. A wavy black mirage appears on a crushed paper /  the piquant distance now,     Slipping between the cellulose air of void/  a mayhem of loose threads, a dawn kisses by a hurricane, Will things… Continue reading People like light rays, leave.


Where do I stick flowers now?The empty faces,the mundane eyes. The silhoutte of a dark rivershifting its path across my face,turn by turn; Where do I paint red shades of sunset now?A myth of potpourri,a lake of setting cold nostrils. I pray and repeat my rituals,a soothsayer of my belly now,a tale forgotten.A night of… Continue reading Sunburn

The Lovers

Walls of the air do not crack as there exist our stories lingering across the streets. Our thin cucumber bodies/ oiled between a decade of romance speak nothing but of arid lips and concave lust The brooding sniff of the moon to sink between my large womb. She often speaks to me of you. Your… Continue reading The Lovers


I have a picture punctured and ironed inside, a tale of twin sisters, rising above your waist with a pastel grey voice of mind. The coherence of mute environment, is like a prayer to me now. A green straw up in the sky sucking the chambers to drink nectar of white life. I have arrived… Continue reading Effortless


NaPoWriMo#30, prompt- A minimalistic poem what is that throbbing between my cheeks? a poetry fallen so perfectly. a hue of colors. Quiet, quiet, quiet, it delivers spring and autumn, a convex point of life and death, slipping between my things now. listen to it, a wound of loss. a gratitude of survival, it’s the conversation… Continue reading Revival


Things return like autumn, with leaves, shades and colours as your mountain essence stick to my collar-bone, in the moments of nights, haze, dawn. One by one, I circle around you, infinite-ball-of-love and soaked in your fingers and memories of the return, this mahogany burns, it burns as a bay leaf in segments and silvery… Continue reading As-You-return

How I want you

My fingers are our lips, deluged & soaked in our memory of sunset walls, with an eye of the heart, scavenging our skin, altogether, in patterns, i want to be your mouth always moist, always full, with soft pearls of moth, i want all of your body. image& words ©MVS

Beyond Hope

The night knitted our bodies like lanterns lit with navy-blue aromas, with currents storming with sands under my body of hope, with utopia and songs messed up in my head. You wrapped my raisin skin, performed colourful themes like an Orion singing, poetry dancing. The night stimulated the thunderstorms, with Petrichor, dripping from my tongue… Continue reading Beyond Hope