a thing of loss

I am coming back to my writing my poems after a while a lot changed during these times. (Pandemic- second wave) My yellow tree remained un-watered all this while, humans burnt, relatives, families submerged with tears/ fears see my poem has started to rhyme, even. Keep on reading you will sense no sensibility a bunch… Continue reading a thing of loss

heart-a -staircase

desire•••• I could dissolve and dismantle both in your arms. Your concave dripping horizon. Here, sweet nectars of a word, alliteration efflorescences. Poultice killing ant-eaten wound. I put my oblong waist inside your palms to catch the last nights fits and sins, sinister. You breathe effortlessly, like a paper chewing the drops of rain, steadily… Continue reading heart-a -staircase

Eulogy to Poetry

Sugar granules on my eyelids define the numb, static voice beneath the waves of poetry, absolute darkness. The times flutter on asymmetrical length hypnotical lifeless mellow tunes. Words break, poetry aborts A mother takes a life of her son. It’s sharp. Black. As I think, a tree detaches a leaf As I swirl, a star… Continue reading Eulogy to Poetry