It’s like a sad part of my levitating body. My fingers have a soft tendency to nurture, to sense pain. and I sit on the lonely roads to pick up a saddened heart, to heal it. sometimes, I have a feeling I am solid. Solid like a vintage door, unbreakable. Imperishable, who can swallow darkness… Continue reading Recover

cold room

“That stale air you think of is heaviness surrounding the numb teeth.” It’s dark, It’s the night. we slumber with mouths open trying to please. trying to pick lotus with our heavy lips. I stare into this earth which holds me like a baby, and then the flashback of pills and heartaches. that moment of… Continue reading cold room

Yellow Segments

I have detached my cellophane dreams with your cold shiverings Sustenance to moments invite a vaporizing acceptance My breaths carve my bones as I count the stars, Hopes can be delusional, hope can be aimless. It only moulds the opening of my bosom where a stack of anti-oxidant hid. The penumbra of opaque sunrays never… Continue reading Yellow Segments

You are the Art

  During the nights of summer, I found a bowl of romance, lust in your sinking eyes. So much I read from it. I collected all my wisdom to read your bizarre words. I disclosed a few readings, read your dying cold murmurings like the lost dandelions in a silent winter night. You are a… Continue reading You are the Art