Submit your poems now.

As you all know, I recently started an online lit mag Olive skins exclusively for abstract poetry and art and I would really appreciate if you all check it out and and submit your work. The details can be checked out here. So what are you waiting for? Let’s hear your pain, sorrow, art anything… Continue reading Submit your poems now.

From Olive Skins

As you all know, I have started this lit magazine especially curated for abstract and surreal poetry which means a lot to me and so I urge you all to head over to this link and read this amazing poetry from a fellow poet. Please like, share and follow if you appreciate the work.

To my Virginia

“Her heart was made of liquid sunsets”- Virginia Woolf So, this is how it starts, backwards and forwards A canopy of fire dwindling in the mercury stars of ocean Routing the past weeds and merciless eyes Imbroglio thunders often attacked me, I threw fits and seizure on these wooden floors on the horizons of your… Continue reading To my Virginia


In a circle full of moisture and baked apple pie’s, I crave and hold the periphery of Words like a sullen extension of truth. A point of solitude. I rub my skin to find the unsaid, undiscovered words, I rub my iris, my white thighs like a fiction produced by swallowing catharsis. Discover. Run. Run… Continue reading Words