The Hunt

But this sorrow never ends. The tongue that runs colddue to platonic threads of sins and cold meadowsthe ache is blooming each daybeneath the blue unfolded eyesthe colour green- now a tone of burning bodiesthis is my survival song, you see with lines cryptic sunset on my lap the night never fades awaythe soil enriched… Continue reading The Hunt

Eulogy to Poetry

Sugar granules on my eyelids define the numb, static voice beneath the waves of poetry, absolute darkness. The times flutter on asymmetrical length hypnotical lifeless mellow tunes. Words break, poetry aborts A mother takes a life of her son. It’s sharp. Black. As I think, a tree detaches a leaf As I swirl, a star… Continue reading Eulogy to Poetry


      Pellucid petals of lust, I, lean over to smell the paper, Where I lament my dead hopes burning ferociously. My pen is pervicacious inclined to savour the smoke ignited. The words are my soul, Insatiable I am dipped in its white corona. Cathartic particles of serenity forms as I write my love,… Continue reading Paper-Cuts

As I write

  The intoxication within is valiant enough to infuse my pen with the darkest of the tales to tell, My heart is surreptitious at times, hiding even the lamest of smiles, as I write, the emotions open up like the blooming of bluebells, now I know what all troubled me The white sheet was dark… Continue reading As I write

Fragrant words

the ink drop bleeds from my wound of the past how beautifully, it drops throwing my mask in the sheet like the vapours colliding the sky the exuberant eye-catching landscape  drip , drip it falls on the paper, from my breath to my leg from my mind to the tree that made this paper I give… Continue reading Fragrant words