The snifflingersbetween the hills and the mountaina sniff to overcome a dismay,a snippet of a saintthrough the threads of fragile life.Jasmine- a floral drop of snownow between my knuckles,rubbingagainst my pillowa cry for dreams,a lotus shaped prayer.Jasmine- a quiet nostalgic hope,prayers about fairies and daydreams,The sun and the waters,echoing wool of the sunburn.The sniff-my mother’s… Continue reading Jasmine

Yellow- a poem

Yellow – scratched and heavyan unknown desire to melt between the stasis of the sky.Yellow,a color that dissolves inside my thin muscles,my tongue wired up with your name,a loose sheet of kiss and melancholy,Yellow: a quiet tapestry that hangs loosebearing limbs out of balancebearing mouths dripping foolish sins.An external pain of the body,a pain crisp… Continue reading Yellow- a poem