Open Screams

Hi! I have not written here since last month. As you all know, India is dealing with the second treacherous wave of pandemic and somehow i managed this . While my parents are still recovering my heart goes out to every life lost, every soul that departed too early. It will take time to accept… Continue reading Open Screams


It’s like a sad part of my levitating body. My fingers have a soft tendency to nurture, to sense pain. and I sit on the lonely roads to pick up a saddened heart, to heal it. sometimes, I have a feeling I am solid. Solid like a vintage door, unbreakable. Imperishable, who can swallow darkness… Continue reading Recover

As I Pray

Resolute flames of candle burn on my windowsill catching your white still fierce memory laughing in the atmosphere, Tonight, I rebuke the ashes and the time of Thar to halt, a clock eating another clock somewhere If I slit tomatoes with you, you shall give me memories and formations. For you create footsteps and geometry,… Continue reading As I Pray

Our Poetry

Pull me closer to your diamond skin a place that eats all my molested scars, in the walls of books and poetry you shall be my muse, the other half. of my upcoming poetic line, upcoming splinters of ice, we make love castles,amidst the dirt hanging like spider web, Precise knots of commitment are the… Continue reading Our Poetry

You are the Art

  During the nights of summer, I found a bowl of romance, lust in your sinking eyes. So much I read from it. I collected all my wisdom to read your bizarre words. I disclosed a few readings, read your dying cold murmurings like the lost dandelions in a silent winter night. You are a… Continue reading You are the Art

Rise and Heal

– Like autumn leaves my words are shredded into the oblivious basket of doleful cracked souls. I rise once again, hoping for a falling star and collecting its reminiscence into my insipid hair, only to emboss the flaws and flourish with my insecurities.     Rise and heal. ¬©my valiant soul

A Secret Star

Beneath the professing sound of my laughter, Above the splintery skin of my earlobes A music of reverie churns inside my naval like the icicles formed, sticking to my opaque, incongruous chirpings flowing in the arms of my composer my sooth sayer, my caretaker. The dormant dormitory now kindles, as the path of dark abyss… Continue reading A Secret Star