My fist – a home of dreams

This picture you see is a firework, a shooter of transparent memories. A vivid piece of artwork, fumbling across my face with veins growing up in the sky outwards and inwards a low key noise/ stammering through the delicacy of time/ Isn’t it strange? The oval diaphragm painted so calmly. I see this pink sapphire… Continue reading My fist – a home of dreams

A poet’s origin

NaPoWriMo# 11 Point of origin It began under the chalice of my mother’s yellow palm. Point of absolute silence. Her womb carried me like lotus full of vignette scars. There was a tingling whiff on my small eyes. I was born amidst the petals of soft kisses, soft scars. A concave chin of mole and… Continue reading A poet’s origin

the rise and fall

i guess, at times i walk on the waters, the ebb, a reminder of my narrow chin. i have a thing for kissing life. and i do it precisely well. i kiss and drink the sweetness, the stars and the sound of the bells. i metamorph into a syllabus of a veritable smirk. dreams hold… Continue reading the rise and fall


    Romancing with winter involves more than seduction to its frosty night. There is a pit darker inside the walls of a colossal ball of shadow. A shadow where skins of lost soul bloom. A pool of infinite kisses. The chills of silent lustrous night expand in the most imposing manner, like the feathers… Continue reading As-I-Worship-Winter

Some things to say!

Hola dear readers! How is your life? Mine is full on sucking with no grace whatsoever.Like literally sucking! I just wanted to take a moment and be gracious to all those who nominated me for many awards, as much as I am honoured I wanted to say that mine is an award free blog so please… Continue reading Some things to say!