Mirror of molten eye

Lets cut your molten mirror eye the pain of anguish and beauty. Paper crux. Purgation and names Chalice of age, A timeline. A loophole. Eutrophication of breaths. Missing smiles of Ganges. A longitudinal filth. Memories of a cactus walk. A deluge. You have the eye to smirk bodies floating like ghosts you splinter the seedContinue reading “Mirror of molten eye”


I am nocturnal today, like roses building up on my arms speaking language of Gods. The air is turgescent, dripping lust for words. lust for my beauty. I walk on the arch of windowsills with blue loops of eyes, tingling some sensation. Something unheard before. A voice of metaphors dissolving into my pharynx with lidsContinue reading “Breathe.”

Nameless Face

we are threads of abhorrence erupting from the wrists of time, a lie perhaps, emerging like vomit, a hiccup. Pause the conundrum sestina and watch the malicious tongues, like we are sisters of monsters, slipping time and body’s warmth. Onyx of blank space. a city of hunger, and we hang loose from the perforated skyContinue reading “Nameless Face”

The way it slips

Life bleeds with vacuum and spaces, backwards, a concave slope mouths of thickening slurps. it confesses its leakage each day, puncturing my navel a forgotten momentum of involuted threads of rising and falling. Life, bleeds and bleeds. a copious bruise of camouflage. ©image and words- Devika Mathur/MVS

W O R D S – A N D- L O V E

if my fingers break with the timeline of chiselled cheeks of lust for words of hunger for hunger if turquoise veins open up, longitudes of the fallen mind like the rupturing of seeds without a sound, a mindless game What it shall be called? the itch on my legs on my lips of words, aContinue reading “W O R D S – A N D- L O V E”

this poem is a liquid moon

My nights are inked to the soiled sheets of tears where the callous jaw bleeds inhuman poison, or a thing pale as your heart i sew it up to my nostrils, cold the fragrance, shrieking my inside pits, its dark, like blank spaces Everything seems to be a show- off your hands, your lips myContinue reading “this poem is a liquid moon”

How I want you

My fingers are our lips, deluged & soaked in our memory of sunset walls, with an eye of the heart, scavenging our skin, altogether, in patterns, i want to be your mouth always moist, always full, with soft pearls of moth, i want all of your body. image& words ©MVS

Black pain & walls

i have fallen with troops of maniac inside this cold body disappearing jawbones of sins and masters of death residing inside this globe, the pool of ataxia, the pool of coherence with red pale evenings growing, chilling, breaking, falling, Abstruse thumbs of broken lines making me thaw, ice-cold teeth cracking on black grounds, with lonesomeContinue reading “Black pain & walls”

heart-a -staircase

desire•••• I could dissolve and dismantle both in your arms. Your concave dripping horizon. Here, sweet nectars of a word, alliteration efflorescences. Poultice killing ant-eaten wound. I put my oblong waist inside your palms to catch the last nights fits and sins, sinister. You breathe effortlessly, like a paper chewing the drops of rain, steadilyContinue reading “heart-a -staircase”