The snifflingersbetween the hills and the mountaina sniff to overcome a dismay,a snippet of a saintthrough the threads of fragile life.Jasmine- a floral drop of snownow between my knuckles,rubbingagainst my pillowa cry for dreams,a lotus shaped prayer.Jasmine- a quiet nostalgic hope,prayers about fairies and daydreams,The sun and the waters,echoing wool of the sunburn.The sniff-my mother’s… Continue reading Jasmine

A purple picture

What is that sits on my backbone? a dissection of reality/ Look around. Pause. Breathe, walk across this painted room. A purple heartbeat, veins of the neon moon glowing, a facet of criss-cross dreams, amniotic sheets of sun-baked earth, observe, wait, observe. It’s an alchemy of genius masterpiece.

Soaked lips

these lips utter a pause of lipids time after after like a powdery cough. they bloom and shatter with details, wisdom of lush lights a fluid, a shade, a soft sunset resting on my backbone Each petal a dandelion of rays, imperative words upwards and sidewards, spitting veins dipped in blue ink blue sky…a blue… Continue reading Soaked lips

Cease and breathe

Cease and breathe the essence dripping, red like bird’s paw emulsifying, You are the spot, crooked and tangerine So how do you mark your sins? •••• Cease and count your curves, red, pink and blues your honey-dripping eyes, facepalmed voice, mirrors bustling. ••• Stand stagnant, dip into memories you are a flower seed A banshee… Continue reading Cease and breathe