Something is missing in the pit of my stomach. I feel the charcoal staircase rupturing, then filling in the cracks of the blank moon. Devastation. Delusion. I see my blue arms extended to the poles of molestation, a sudden resolution of black and white vintage movies. My kitchen sink evaporates somewhere. Devastation. The monotony of… Continue reading Absent


Like fresh breaths and cinnamon aroma I wrapped your almond curve of palms, preserving it into my oceanic eyes Monsoon lilies. Iterative Petrichors. I swallowed your words,an Orion of kisses Only to know you will chop the slices of apple, bit by bit Smudging the sweetness, smudging the rhythms, smudging my dreams.


A death star dissects my white bare skin And lanterns of judgments evolve like the zombies of oblivious sand The peppermint of the next hour circulate in my iris, Unconsolidated reverie of prayers, asking the same coherent word. Promises, a fallen star, destruction all are in symmetry if one leaves other stays Inch by inch… Continue reading Recurrence

Scissors and Thorns

Penumbra, walls of construction, destruction black coherent cathartic squalid eyes numb crooked vertebrae floating in the liquid air, my body becomes a coffin. Enfeeble basket of black roses resides in my cracking eyes. I take a pause, and visit the old creaking house, haunted and mahogany drooling over my burning piquant skin, I feel a… Continue reading Scissors and Thorns

Things I crave

      I sit beneath this concave moonlit and put my ink on my naked body tonight. I count the loses and the victories I have had, the outnumbered lips of kisses and the bottles of venom. I draw a map to the moon, I draw stars to my breasts. I crave the branches… Continue reading Things I crave

Dark- Tea-Tales

Come sit, have a cup of the black tea, I prepared. The story is long for your forlorn heart would claim the pain in a moment or two. The chain I talk today, oh, sorrow is diabolical. So frugal, barbarous. The inside of my heart left the colonies of fairy dust as if. As I… Continue reading Dark- Tea-Tales

If I were a shadow.

Through the slices of segmented desire Where the circumference of my peevish skin expands, I inhale into the tiny molecules that flourish these numb walls, Mending a crack, With a mist of romance, Point of lust, point of dainty smell of you. I walk through the ruptures of placcid walls enunciating your presence, And I… Continue reading If I were a shadow.


        Beyond this cracking wall, in the horizon of that empty dusk, I walk in the blues of protrusion of my floral cheeks my mind scratched, my heart stabbed A partition of a falling star and constellation of stars a Meraki of a paper boat, if you know I walk in unknown… Continue reading Scars

Burning Lamps

    Tonight, I have smoked my favourite cigarettes with curtains drifted apart, I sit here with a glass of my taste And as this lamp burn, I burn like the melting wax And I begin to bleed, I bleed on my paper with hot wax on my cold skin Tonight, the moon is drunk… Continue reading Burning Lamps

Dark howl

I am no summer breeze. Neither I am a warm blanket to provide that yearning, surreal warmth. My own soul is shivering, heart sees cracks here and there, Irrevocable my tears are on this pillow. Fierce, ghost-like shadows perching on my knee joints, It hurts. It hurts my paradise dreams. And you say I am… Continue reading Dark howl

For I am a Woman.

 I am a protrusion of rose, hiding the black spot of the moon in my valour that rises white dandelions on your skin. My finger bones creak my virtues, giving a red shade to the once grey shadow for I am a Woman, invincible like mammoth stars, I seek, I wander through the rim of… Continue reading For I am a Woman.