Fill the cacophonous rhythm of my mirrored-eye with the cosmos and nightlight entwined with grapevine of smiles, A complexion of you, a shadow. The craters enjoy the stratospheric reds, greens, million of boomings. I worship, with visual feathers, burgeon smells, intoxication. The deep smell of my pores pronounce your name, multiplying in the furtive eminence.… Continue reading Chimera

That September

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair”— Pablo Neruda In the sleepless nights of thunder and laughter, I craved the shape of your mouth, where the butterflies built a rainbow soaking in the solemn orange skies. Tranquility glitters as my reflection and my anklets clamour my tears. Oh, the moon weeps, upon the last… Continue reading That September

Cryptic Space

    “There is a field- I will meet you there”- Rumi I know language of flowers and dandelions, the language of thorns and crooked stars silence resist in the topology of melting grass like the Colossus, I am lost in trepidation of white penumbra surrounding my teeth and distance between teeth All silent. hush…hush…my… Continue reading Cryptic Space