Aberrant words on typewriter, Untamed lyrics floating on my coaxed eyes Longitudinal waves coincide here, an apparatus of dust Shaken dreams, like a mirage of ghost Bisect and dilute your reality into my wine. Speak rhythm. spill your black cuts onto my yearning lips Screech the thunders underneath, shout and scream, kiss the scream Words… Continue reading Disclosure

A new Place

    I have travelled the soils of Africa and beyond the sustenance of crisp air, Like an empty bowl of the eclipse, succumb trees, galvanized moisture, My eyes speak unspoken words, unruly truth, my naked eye is poisonous often. Amenable spikes of charcoal reside here, I wander and wander. To a place, I visited… Continue reading A new Place

You are beautiful

“Tear off the mask, your face is glorious”— Rumi Unscathed beams of sunshine ripple along your pious cheeks, There lie a canopy of precious words, decorating your soul with white beauty, where rivers of unruffled jasmine travel. The scent is you, like a home of lavender candles burning your mind, your beautiful mind. Fabrication of… Continue reading You are beautiful