If I could- a poem from my book ‘Crimson Skins’

If I could
I would elope with my insanity
with a lavender bud blooming inside
my cheek.
I write mad things
drawing the turbid face of a blue lady
as if she has no blood vessels.
Twirling in my skirt skirts,
twirling along the locus.
My breaths inflate this entire galaxy.
like an elastic stuck to the tongue,
this tongue that is motionless too.
If I could, I would sink in an ephemeral elegy
denying the neon green hope.
A snivel of moist grass.
A question of reality.
I will smirk & dance
and clap & clap.
A century of feeble screams suppressed under
my soft skin.
This madness makes me complete; I say so.
A sea of voice hidden under my curves.
I carry so many of you
here & there.
If I could,
I would melt along with you.

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