Bones indigo, lacking a piece of earth, inside your mouth of stars a tremor of zodiac signs Like a Taurus blooming.   You sprinkle lust on my bosom bubbles of thin colours, a 4 am  moonlight sigh. Tender mouths of mud and water, unborn fruits of the ultimate kiss. This is us.   My hips… Continue reading Meteors

A concern to self-

And there is almost nothing but this silence with which I caress my pallid numb thoughts mud stained- inner knuckles, fingernails growing all small and ugly and not just that, but I sleep with my dirty longings as well. Bed of misery beneath the flesh of tongue. Endless field of dark fragmented hopes/ You name… Continue reading A concern to self-

A Memoir about Prayers and Healing

Things do not attach themselves to our void, till we allow it to occur. Things- broken, upsetting they instill our hearts and soul with remorse and pain. A haunting truth about liberation is when we clench our minds limited only to the point we think we need it, it never occurs. What about the next… Continue reading A Memoir about Prayers and Healing

Flower and Fruits

These words will arrive in formations about my sleep about the morning fresh dew. about Point of indulgence. Crisp periphery of sliced strawberries. About dying Flowers and Fruits. Scratch, fingers across belly button. Finding appropriate word is almost like flowing incessantly. Organs fluttering. My words will occur in shapeless boundaries with lanterns and lost sheets… Continue reading Flower and Fruits

The dialogue of life-

The dialogues of life,cold and tinymaking my bosom collapse at night,with white nakedness of velvet skyand the paper sniffing my skin,a hard yawn of the afternoon,a dark spot on the skin-The dialogue of lifeto my springs, to my sharp scandal of the eye.This it. This is she.A massive sea beneath the hand,beneath your mouth,a massive… Continue reading The dialogue of life-


I just published my poetry collection Crimson Skins on Amazon. Check it out. / The night has a soft pattern to dismantle my body< Quiet a as hushed wound with a flat curvature of a splitting fruit, my body is a temple to wounds, a temple to eat things that are fleshy. The night lamps… Continue reading Wounds

A blank slate

I do not need a bowl of salvation for i see people dying each day the walls of fragile mind separating recklessly. Florals of weak mind abstain from blooming as it was never a state of peace. As I write this poetry I weep I weep thinking of my existence of the silences that creates… Continue reading A blank slate

Hear it once again

  Imagine me in your room, the aerial space filled with the sniff of rosemary candles. Imagine how I sit and lift up my chin to decode a language now, A voice that breaks the linings of the wall. When you look at me, You see my words, my eyes that unravel the thread of… Continue reading Hear it once again

Cold talks

> I have seen women in a room chilled as the mountain, drowning in a ravenous shelter of heartache. A feverish leg that jolts in summer. Women breathe sand and exhale boken poetry. Women in my town, dessicated in fumes of black clouds, they do not speak about the evil talks now. What is it… Continue reading Cold talks


Thunders, in the mouth that we carry A piquant starlight of your skin. My darling, you live like . a town in my belly. Each day, we grow in the circles of sestina. A sweet nectar of snowflakes, a silhouette of moist lip. The retracing footsteps of delusions, scratching the tip of tongue, where we… Continue reading Darling

a heart to you

  for all i remember the morning was obscure, misty and dewy, almost like a suicide. he stood flowing, hopping from city to city with mirrors broken, a kiss forgotten. i drew a circle that day to keep myself safe, i always do that. a circle with mangroves, swamps. fingers / traipsing my mollusc body.… Continue reading a heart to you

Black pain & walls

i have fallen with troops of maniac inside this cold body disappearing jawbones of sins and masters of death residing inside this globe, the pool of ataxia, the pool of coherence with red pale evenings growing, chilling, breaking, falling, Abstruse thumbs of broken lines making me thaw, ice-cold teeth cracking on black grounds, with lonesome… Continue reading Black pain & walls


“I HAVE LEARNED THAT I STILL HAVE A LOT TO LEARN”- MAYA ANGELOU Cracking my pieces of delusions, with your fainted memory like auburn leaves of sun rays, with autumn diluted in veins of winters, I wander and travel my electrolyte body, time and again. In the wilderness of my pituitary, tongues of vague currents… Continue reading Assimilation

Leftover Nights(A collaboration)

It gives me immense pleasure in finally collaborating with Poems in Coffer girl Chhaya. She is a lovely soul and so is her scintillating writings. Italics- Chhaya   A room full of rancid leftover night is a reminder of repugnant voids that conform to the oddities of a desolate decaying mind I hear my mind… Continue reading Leftover Nights(A collaboration)

Journey so far

A year and a half now on this beautiful platform which gave me an opportunity of sharing my writings and reading some brilliant work too. I want to take a moment and say how grateful I am to all the lovely people here who never fail to encourage and support me. A lot happened during… Continue reading Journey so far