song of despair

  the body swells in the anarchy of lunatic afternoon the mouth fumbles, softly drippingĀ  sonnets from the toes, the face gulps the horrors swiveling across the pale streets, i sing a song so full of flat tune now, in the small clots of blue sky. and I never stop staring at that sky, that… Continue reading song of despair

Dimensions of Pain

Pain surrounds my tongue in different ways through a concave tesseract, if you understand. Pain separates my body from my head for my head would then splinter, circling through bare-skinned hands. My limbs cry each night thinking of dried grief, the air is not religious. A needle pointing south and a needle pointing at my… Continue reading Dimensions of Pain

Dead & lost

your fingers sweep saline dust on my collarbones of dirt & dead hopes, with figaments of knots, sordid closure. ancient bells marking my face as salinity, A staircase is kneaded inside my soft nerves, my soft calves, my soft body.. the memory stinks & stuck of you, of your black socks i slept in your… Continue reading Dead & lost

nights that talk of you

A mesh of poetry ascends in my scalp of lights the place punctured by your visits often, in my nocturnal nights of anxiety and suicides. You step on to my body, peeling layers of SCARS\ and you watched POETRY\ C A S C A D I N G in molten, mountain flush of hours. I… Continue reading nights that talk of you

Last Single Existence

I am silvered and stickered in the blue’s of despair hunting my scalp down to the ankle stain, recidivating, collapsing For the roads are a summer breeze tropical, slapping my coarse breast the humming is repetitive. like insanity clicking Artless. Viscous walks defy my extinction. The roars and shouts, scrapping my last single bit of… Continue reading Last Single Existence


Rubbing my fragile hands over my soiled neck, I felt a vibration from the crooked radio’s tune The twirls of flaccid rays and patterns of black and white always speak the sweet dazzling truth. My mouth says the violent words as my eyes perch on illusion. This world makes me sick and sick till my… Continue reading Disappearance

Still to be Brave

If you may ask- How do you seem to be brave all through the charms of winter? Even when the cupcakes of Yule sits on my tongue, poking the frost on my breasts Hear this evaporating silence, the language of concrete sand melting into this segment. The eavesdropping of sanguine moon, pulling my hair up… Continue reading Still to be Brave

Scissors and Thorns

Penumbra, walls of construction, destruction black coherent cathartic squalid eyes numb crooked vertebrae floating in the liquid air, my body becomes a coffin. Enfeeble basket of black roses resides in my cracking eyes. I take a pause, and visit the old creaking house, haunted and mahogany drooling over my burning piquant skin, I feel a… Continue reading Scissors and Thorns


I have selfish bruises on my white index finger, Quisling pack of cigarettes yet my favourite lover, I have pain carved around my parched mouth, Thorns and roses bloom in my inner thigh I have seen death with open eye An extension of chewed electrons of despair assiduous diamond of shaved flower, This moment is… Continue reading Catharsis