Tara remembers her doings. The pale kitchen sink speaking of chipped dreams, tectonic thighs of fidgeting swamp. Her lipstick is all nude today. Nude as the man of her dreams, saliva draped carefully between the folds of her lips. And her purse sliding between her perfect round bosom. She wears sunrise as her makeup, with… Continue reading Tara

Porcelain dreams

i watch you sleeping in the coldness nights of eve-dropping with my vapid blue chipped nails, still gasping for breath, i watch you like a surrealistic, walking above the ocean to touch the mouths of lost and valleys of lights. I turn and twitch on the bed of mirrors, it has parts of your liquid… Continue reading Porcelain dreams

heart-a -staircase

desire•••• I could dissolve and dismantle both in your arms. Your concave dripping horizon. Here, sweet nectars of a word, alliteration efflorescences. Poultice killing ant-eaten wound. I put my oblong waist inside your palms to catch the last nights fits and sins, sinister. You breathe effortlessly, like a paper chewing the drops of rain, steadily… Continue reading heart-a -staircase

Our Poetry

Pull me closer to your diamond skin a place that eats all my molested scars, in the walls of books and poetry you shall be my muse, the other half. of my upcoming poetic line, upcoming splinters of ice, we make love castles,amidst the dirt hanging like spider web, Precise knots of commitment are the… Continue reading Our Poetry

Skins Of Skins

Latitude of your strawberry eye in congruence with my winter skin where a pool of weeds evaporate sinking into the outlandish touch, A loop of anomalous cogent thread arise in the windowpane of your heart, I see the Earth, the moon and my teeth cracking your Universe, For I reside in your skins of skins.… Continue reading Skins Of Skins

I am you today

In the melancholic time, when the dark howl craws In the harrowing soils mask, where the river flow is backwards I bask in the sunshine, towards the bridge of memories. my skin knits I am sun-kissed today, like a morsel of apple-pie sulking on my white bare skin I am a memory today. where the… Continue reading I am you today

Concoction of Flavours

In the encapsulating shimmers of prodigious beautiful skins, I am a traveller to time zone of your dewy skin As the geometrical curves make my heart merry, I count the ways of savouring your skin bites like fine red sharp thread, threads of love In the windowpane, I venerate you as my sun, the Usher… Continue reading Concoction of Flavours

Sacred Earth

 Like a distinctive shine, my heart palpitates for your convex smile, the dewy lips romancing with a shooting star, the prodigious forest inside my body receives a gust of fragrance, your beatific touch that glitters my waistline, oh, my man! Between lips and parched lips, resides a mystical cacophony yarning a crown of butterflies to… Continue reading Sacred Earth

Coltish Home

    My wax finger slithers across your extolling caricature In the Elan black eyes you carry, sun-baked secrets. Like the winter chills and pepper on thighs cascading in the solitaire eyes of the mountain, I see your lips Your smooth, divine lips uttering the catastrophic formulation Like obeisance of your footsteps in the haze of… Continue reading Coltish Home

Blue Light

    Turquoise skin flowing beneath the reflection of the concave mirror, speaking the language of  mammoth desires, forming marks on the human soul. The surreptitious lustre blithe the chilly touch corroding the sides and there I stand inhaling the crisp blue air, decoding, unfolding life’s intense burrows, choking into blue whispers, I slap my… Continue reading Blue Light

Wheels Of Fortune

    Wheels of fortune like sour grapes, apple tumbling my spirits. Spirits of fire, unflinching A ball of reveries, undiscovered. Musty halcyon, a penumbra of elixir. A soft cushion, a soothing balm. The nectar of hubris dreams, drooling in the breeze, a nimbus of dark clouds, an array of shooting stars, Wheels of Fortune… Continue reading Wheels Of Fortune


      Fumes of twilight shout your name adorned in gracious pastel fields of paddy Aroma and lanterns of your touch conjure the magic in this cool breeze making my inner shades all yours, My teeth clasping your skin, like the raindrops romancing with the earth. Inexplicable, beddable for you. ©My Valiant Soul

Transparent Memory

In the vermilion threads of sunset rays,  aberrant fireflies sparkled the molecules of tiniest grass, the loops of a feather, imbrication of skin and lip Aromas meeting raindrops, the scent coinciding, intruding into the chaos of your numb eye where the mind shackles see Apricity, Eyes know the true palpitations, Obscure stream of water my lips that… Continue reading Transparent Memory

Wild Star

    That night was like firecracker. Galaxy overloaded with the stardust. The hums of two souls on this bed sheet could be heard above in the oblivion red sky. The music that our touch produced, the chains formed of lust, the golden promises, the congruence of love. That impeccable mystery rocked the spaces above,… Continue reading Wild Star

If I were a shadow.

Through the slices of segmented desire Where the circumference of my peevish skin expands, I inhale into the tiny molecules that flourish these numb walls, Mending a crack, With a mist of romance, Point of lust, point of dainty smell of you. I walk through the ruptures of placcid walls enunciating your presence, And I… Continue reading If I were a shadow.

Cryptic Space

    “There is a field- I will meet you there”- Rumi I know language of flowers and dandelions, the language of thorns and crooked stars silence resist in the topology of melting grass like the Colossus, I am lost in trepidation of white penumbra surrounding my teeth and distance between teeth All silent. hush…hush…my… Continue reading Cryptic Space