A sedative

I want to quieten my mind and each day I would count ways to do that. Popping pills backward / gazing at the starlight until dawn slaps me all over again. A memory of death fidgets with my tectonic body. I become so slow. slow like degrading with the earth. I count ways to quiet… Continue reading A sedative

A blue attack

Blue, blue. My hands leak blue crooked blood. I tried suicide today. Walked like a ghost/ a melancholy boiler. a house that leaks. wax statues going bizarre. Bizarre like dissolving inside my hollow stomach. i am here. i am there. A loop of curve, falling on the equinox. burn this society inside my mouth i… Continue reading A blue attack

Foul- sweet things

a soft satin kiss it happened before and it happened today, i lay on the sides of my kitchen sink thinking the arrival and departure of my husband, arrival of his velvet mouth that utters a chain of lantern. he is adorable, like the moon. he has his own mood, often. the purgatory of life… Continue reading Foul- sweet things

hear this out

this time, my ribs are the house of tears of walled up cities, lost. a sunken pool of total insanity, you might say. i want to feel antique, like a vintage lampshade burning bright in the corners of total darkness. a flower of hope, blooming on my hip, on my lip. this insanity does all… Continue reading hear this out


when you step your foot on the thin film of the sheet, there is a red lampshade, moist and speaking mute voices. you take a right turn then and you see a pill of god. you slurp it backward, at the tip of your tongue, thinking it shall slip softly down in your stomach, hushing… Continue reading backwards

cravings/ THAT KILLS

  There is the feeling of my wrists slipping oiled lights through my swollen thumb. Hay through pictures of past. A hum of lights and dust. I turn through the thick air, a vacuum of period spaces. But I am more than this. more than the grasshopper that sits and eats twig nonchalantly. washed, wasted,… Continue reading cravings/ THAT KILLS

as i begin to leak

A memoir of rusty olives. hanging like saliva from my forehead. I am a bizarre lady with a half lit moon. I have been a lover, a mistress, a daughter. a tempest swirling from the eye of truth. Slipping from the gullet of time. And now, i create a fantasy of hallucinations. An empty bed… Continue reading as i begin to leak

A time/ so called

Back at my vintage house in India, i have a memory dying there on the windowsill, a cobweb formation. a moth sucking life from another. there, a cataract lie envelopes my pale body. i see myself each day hushing this array of blue stack of migraines. i disavowal what made my pink- poetry once. and… Continue reading A time/ so called

a hollow night

” I am terrified by the dark thing that sleeps in me”- Sylvia Plath Cluttered, torrential nights of stone sinking throat,a huge titanic of this time, my sheets turning into white ghost, a ghost of you, my words that were never said. You, the lantern of chipped nights, A mesh of annihilation. You come and… Continue reading a hollow night

P. a. i. n/ reality

scissors of tongues missing like threads sewing volcanoes. And my lazy tears twist my body like valleys. I sip pain, i see pain. I hear and live pain(patterns corrosive) With footsteps entwining my jawlines. A narrow gauge of breaths and pool of sadness this moment does that abrupt epilepsy to me, this dark hollow night,… Continue reading P. a. i. n/ reality

last verse

Each day is a delusion, my words and poem a levitating hue of cry. The modal of life explained in a Polaroid, i might die writing this last piece, softly,                like autumn i shall moult, into a panorama of white skin hanging loose, pale parchment paper. a breathless… Continue reading last verse

when humans stink

  My voice is a purgatory lie. a solemn inhuman thread of existence, the voice of this teeth crackling, fingers going numb during cold shaky nights. moist, stinking, moist language of nights. A honeysuckle stung of a tear marking my white body, flowerless, wavelengths of blurred nights again and again you come and sit inside… Continue reading when humans stink

motions of an eye

I wake up like a morose light, struggling to die again. Like hurricane to lost voices, burning alongside with bare chest, bare hands. cease and demarcating the thousands of muted language gushing through my spines and eyes, My widowed palms are oily, lavender diffuser emptied. and i perch on the laps of a sleepless blue… Continue reading motions of an eye

Music of pain

a voice is creating a map inside breaking my legs, my arms into the eye of nothingness i see nothing. i feel nothing. my lids are dropping day by day i considered rescuing poetry, the pale fonts, tampered words and it ate me, slurping mouths, Vermillion floating mirrors, stuck to my lips and cracking the… Continue reading Music of pain

As a mind bleeds

You would bleed mentally, axis by axis to know my aching cheeks and lips. they do not flutter, engulfed in smokes my mouth, volatile and dark i am a pattern of transition disgusted each day, separation of tongues divides these breasts once supple, i am a sliced burning moon only diced further, till i dismantle… Continue reading As a mind bleeds

This state of Reality

choke the cool breeze into my harsh reality for I belong to the bricks of the wall the screech of my language, wrapped in the tongue of anatomy producing dark curtains, throttling small rooms the lines of my palms remain  a false alarm haywire sky, haywire mind I could hear my slow breaths now disappearing… Continue reading This state of Reality