Foul- sweet things

a soft satin kiss it happened before and it happened today, i lay on the sides of my kitchen sink thinking the arrival and departure of my husband, arrival of his velvet mouth that utters a chain of lantern. he is adorable, like the moon. he has his own mood, often. the purgatory of life… Continue reading Foul- sweet things

How I hurt

you would burn in waters, if you could feel my skin now. smudged dose of love, insipid flaky fingers this arm hurts now from resurrecting my soul, streams of rivers lynching my soft neck. i long for love and loneliness altogether cleaved moon dripping honey on pale skin. you kept me breaking, like twings and… Continue reading How I hurt

a hollow night

” I am terrified by the dark thing that sleeps in me”- Sylvia Plath Cluttered, torrential nights of stone sinking throat,a huge titanic of this time, my sheets turning into white ghost, a ghost of you, my words that were never said. You, the lantern of chipped nights, A mesh of annihilation. You come and… Continue reading a hollow night