The end of a lullaby

the shriek of my body, a purple loose hanging moon beneath the toes- a shriek so wild stretches through the carcass I have nothing left to weep now for the moon has taken a dip inside the river. I hear my village burning, and see people sleeping so quietly, so wildly as if nothing ever… Continue reading The end of a lullaby

A few facts about Loneliness

My loneliness spews from the dark curtains / fevering beneath a molted lampshade, running amidst the hanging treehouse, a sharp blue gong of a temple. Upon the arrival of next month, my tongue develops a sickness,                            I sit I stand                           I sit In a nonchalant abrupt way,           Defying the lucid crispness of… Continue reading A few facts about Loneliness

Submit to Blood Into Ink

Blood into ink is a safe place for all the unheard voices of Survival and brave souls. Anyone who has suffered the cruelty or has been traumatized can submit their writings to the submission page of this bold journal. We would love to spread your voice and words. Its a place for all the courageous… Continue reading Submit to Blood Into Ink