cravings/ THAT KILLS

  There is the feeling of my wrists slipping oiled lights through my swollen thumb. Hay through pictures of past. A hum of lights and dust. I turn through the thick air, a vacuum of period spaces. But I am more than this. more than the grasshopper that sits and eats twig nonchalantly. washed, wasted,Continue reading “cravings/ THAT KILLS”

Things I will Preserve

There are things that I want to protect. Like the oxidised carbon, like your mouth and my ferocious voice. My earth shaped body: heaven resist into my temple mind, like your inundate doses of love prayers to me. Your sun-kissed pavements, mosaic dreams. Your vintage lullaby’s while I am a mess. The sunsets that weContinue reading “Things I will Preserve”

Our Poetry

Pull me closer to your diamond skin a place that eats all my molested scars, in the walls of books and poetry you shall be my muse, the other half. of my upcoming poetic line, upcoming splinters of ice, we make love castles,amidst the dirt hanging like spider web, Precise knots of commitment are theContinue reading “Our Poetry”

Coltish Home

    My wax finger slithers across your extolling caricature In the Elan black eyes you carry, sun-baked secrets. Like the winter chills and pepper on thighs cascading in the solitaire eyes of the mountain, I see your lips Your smooth, divine lips uttering the catastrophic formulation Like obeisance of your footsteps in the haze ofContinue reading “Coltish Home”

That September

“I crave your mouth, your voice, your hair”— Pablo Neruda In the sleepless nights of thunder and laughter, I craved the shape of your mouth, where the butterflies built a rainbow soaking in the solemn orange skies. Tranquility glitters as my reflection and my anklets clamour my tears. Oh, the moon weeps, upon the lastContinue reading “That September”

If I were a shadow.

Through the slices of segmented desire Where the circumference of my peevish skin expands, I inhale into the tiny molecules that flourish these numb walls, Mending a crack, With a mist of romance, Point of lust, point of dainty smell of you. I walk through the ruptures of placcid walls enunciating your presence, And IContinue reading “If I were a shadow.”

And the Galaxy Bursts

    Colour my fingertips vibrant red, a rainbow of purple and lust. choke my throat, smear my lipstick Hanker my pool of slumber with your bare embellished shoulders Invincible like sea-shells. Poke my balloon of dark stars to deliver fairy dust wrapped on my firm breasts surrounded on my naval where our galaxy meets,Continue reading “And the Galaxy Bursts”


I remember that warm greet you gave me in the cold chilly winters, that hug you gave defined your inexplicable puerile love, You promised to be the summer flower in my numb chilled thought, You intrigued the new definition of allegiance promised to be a gazing blur on the window of my heart Entranced byContinue reading “Promises”