How I want you

My fingers are our lips, deluged & soaked in our memory of sunset walls, with an eye of the heart, scavenging our skin, altogether, in patterns, i want to be your mouth always moist, always full, with soft pearls of moth, i want all of your body. image& words ©MVS

Our Poetry

Pull me closer to your diamond skin a place that eats all my molested scars, in the walls of books and poetry you shall be my muse, the other half. of my upcoming poetic line, upcoming splinters of ice, we make love castles,amidst the dirt hanging like spider web, Precise knots of commitment are the… Continue reading Our Poetry

Wild Star

    That night was like firecracker. Galaxy overloaded with the stardust. The hums of two souls on this bed sheet could be heard above in the oblivion red sky. The music that our touch produced, the chains formed of lust, the golden promises, the congruence of love. That impeccable mystery rocked the spaces above,… Continue reading Wild Star

If I were a shadow.

Through the slices of segmented desire Where the circumference of my peevish skin expands, I inhale into the tiny molecules that flourish these numb walls, Mending a crack, With a mist of romance, Point of lust, point of dainty smell of you. I walk through the ruptures of placcid walls enunciating your presence, And I… Continue reading If I were a shadow.

Chants of you

The promise of high tide, the valour of blooming minds in the blanket of stardust kiss in the essence of my apron, I carry thy words in my uptight hair bun breezing the hopes, the yearning tongue in the air Like I see a reflection in the consonance of my eyes The paintings carved in… Continue reading Chants of you