Fill the cacophonous rhythm of my mirrored-eye with the cosmos and nightlight entwined with grapevine of smiles, A complexion of you, a shadow. The craters enjoy the stratospheric reds, greens, million of boomings. I worship, with visual feathers, burgeon smells, intoxication. The deep smell of my pores pronounce your name, multiplying in the furtive eminence.… Continue reading Chimera

Beyond Hope

The night knitted our bodies like lanterns lit with navy-blue aromas, with currents storming with sands under my body of hope, with utopia and songs messed up in my head. You wrapped my raisin skin, performed colourful themes like an Orion singing, poetry dancing. The night stimulated the thunderstorms, with Petrichor, dripping from my tongue… Continue reading Beyond Hope

Moonlit Romance

“Under your skin, the moon is alive”- Pablo Neruda My body has gone counting The twists and folds of your skin. My hands have carved a tattoo plunged into your chest, where a basket of sunrises glitter like the moon’s hideous smile. I have heard the murmurs of your heart where white earth blooms. Like… Continue reading Moonlit Romance

Methods and Ways

Let me sew your linings of solace onto my blank, numb fingers like the gasp of a saviour dreaming Orange, Red Vibrancy And I pour you into my wine glass magenta and red my blood splashes My mascara, discerning and colliding and I dance and dance I think of rainbows and you where my world… Continue reading Methods and Ways

Things I will Preserve

There are things that I want to protect. Like the oxidised carbon, like your mouth and my ferocious voice. My earth shaped body: heaven resist into my temple mind, like your inundate doses of love prayers to me. Your sun-kissed pavements, mosaic dreams. Your vintage lullaby’s while I am a mess. The sunsets that we… Continue reading Things I will Preserve

Stick like a Shadow

I cling to your mauvy shadow Like an auburn Meraki of stars In the meadows of lust, In the turbid blue hemisphere Seeking your Serendipity of breaths, Brushing your knots of cryptic bizarre kiss And mixing with my tainted red lipstick. Swallowing.  Choking. Yearning. -My Valiant Soul

I am you today

In the melancholic time, when the dark howl craws In the harrowing soils mask, where the river flow is backwards I bask in the sunshine, towards the bridge of memories. my skin knits I am sun-kissed today, like a morsel of apple-pie sulking on my white bare skin I am a memory today. where the… Continue reading I am you today

Concoction of Flavours

In the encapsulating shimmers of prodigious beautiful skins, I am a traveller to time zone of your dewy skin As the geometrical curves make my heart merry, I count the ways of savouring your skin bites like fine red sharp thread, threads of love In the windowpane, I venerate you as my sun, the Usher… Continue reading Concoction of Flavours

Sacred Earth

 Like a distinctive shine, my heart palpitates for your convex smile, the dewy lips romancing with a shooting star, the prodigious forest inside my body receives a gust of fragrance, your beatific touch that glitters my waistline, oh, my man! Between lips and parched lips, resides a mystical cacophony yarning a crown of butterflies to… Continue reading Sacred Earth


    This syndrome I carry, Seraphic, a butterfly in cocoon churlish eyesight, colliding with your wounds. I will sew your pain Believe me, for I am the traveller of scars, I will kiss your moonlit tears and the paths it travelled, I am an archaic smell of vintage champagne. I shall regenerate always, I… Continue reading Together


  Twilights of reverie Mystic crestfallen nights Warmth of endearing moon Seduction of cool breeze the penumbra of your surreal skin, I have everything all, in this infinite moment.   P.S- MY POEM “WHITE SLUMBER” ON SPILLWORDS CAN BE CHECKED HERE ©My Valiant Soul  


      Fumes of twilight shout your name adorned in gracious pastel fields of paddy Aroma and lanterns of your touch conjure the magic in this cool breeze making my inner shades all yours, My teeth clasping your skin, like the raindrops romancing with the earth. Inexplicable, beddable for you. ©My Valiant Soul

Pastel-Dreamy love

  like colours of star-dust, with pastels shade, devouring my deleterious thoughts or the beatific sparkle in petals of morning sunflower you paint me with the bottle of red wine, the colours splashing on my skin, on my waist till the moonlit drops on my lips, drinking the mystical sweet nectar cracking my nights to… Continue reading Pastel-Dreamy love

And the Galaxy Bursts

    Colour my fingertips vibrant red, a rainbow of purple and lust. choke my throat, smear my lipstick Hanker my pool of slumber with your bare embellished shoulders Invincible like sea-shells. Poke my balloon of dark stars to deliver fairy dust wrapped on my firm breasts surrounded on my naval where our galaxy meets,… Continue reading And the Galaxy Bursts

The colours of your Love

Pick up the long brush and dip it into the red colour, colour then stroke my body with the same, dip it again in that heavy paint, colour my waist till the moonlit drops and the new morning knocks the door.Take me in you, again and again, hold me hard so that my heartbeat stops,… Continue reading The colours of your Love

Periphery of us.

The pond of breezy footsteps, The eye of solitude kiss knitted from the colours of pinkish sun, The ripples of love making in the caress of my hair, The dusk jotting down the sidewalk with your colourful shadow Like the blue vintage chair adorned, safe. You kissed the demons from the whites of my eye,… Continue reading Periphery of us.