A rescue poem.

i come to places where i can stich a notion to my entire body of chemicals. Strange things happen here. A women die each day/ there are ways and methods for it/ a loop of sorrow sinks like an abortion. And a mist encircles my eyebrow, like a wide corridor collapsing. i visit places that… Continue reading A rescue poem.

Under- observation

Yesterday was the hardest if i must say with amniotic sheets of lost air dripping my bare chest and extraction of arms, making my mouth dry, loss of homes could be seen. Missing phone booth’s of lavender drops of deads, and hunters, hunters, hunters, yes, you have visited the I.C.U of my mouth with palpitating… Continue reading Under- observation

last verse

Each day is a delusion, my words and poem a levitating hue of cry. The modal of life explained in a Polaroid, i might die writing this last piece, softly,                like autumn i shall moult, into a panorama of white skin hanging loose, pale parchment paper. a breathless… Continue reading last verse

when humans stink

  My voice is a purgatory lie. a solemn inhuman thread of existence, the voice of this teeth crackling, fingers going numb during cold shaky nights. moist, stinking, moist language of nights. A honeysuckle stung of a tear marking my white body, flowerless, wavelengths of blurred nights again and again you come and sit inside… Continue reading when humans stink


i have a body that whizz like a circus two eulogies of sanguine madholes clifts and wars of a drunk man Loss of vision.Loss of words. repercussions produce hollows as deep as a cactus. My knees producing floating amphibians Almost inhuman. Slid my copious throat you will have two minds again there, savaging my body… Continue reading Uproar

As a mind bleeds

You would bleed mentally, axis by axis to know my aching cheeks and lips. they do not flutter, engulfed in smokes my mouth, volatile and dark i am a pattern of transition disgusted each day, separation of tongues divides these breasts once supple, i am a sliced burning moon only diced further, till i dismantle… Continue reading As a mind bleeds


Something is missing in the pit of my stomach. I feel the charcoal staircase rupturing, then filling in the cracks of the blank moon. Devastation. Delusion. I see my blue arms extended to the poles of molestation, a sudden resolution of black and white vintage movies. My kitchen sink evaporates somewhere. Devastation. The monotony of… Continue reading Absent

A Wall of Separation

Understand this. That I am afraid of the sunshine that sticks to my forehead often ringing darkness as its ghost, or the beam of the heavy eyelid The mannequins of transparent aches I have Throttle the rim of my soft neck, and my skin sinks in the reds and blues of waterfall reverse. My fingers… Continue reading A Wall of Separation

The Ghost is back

Apprehensions sink in the dark cloudy layers like the kohl of my waterline, the kohl of my heart I am a clown or that saint of the temple, for people misjudge me With deposition of tears, I shall settle too in the obnoxious satin walls of turbulent words Something swells up on my neck, triangles… Continue reading The Ghost is back

In Corners

Disintegrating into tiny molecules Apodictic stack of liquidized oxygen, I watch the flame of burning candle, Watching myself tremble and shake With its every movement, counting the segments Of my heart Palliating toothpick sticks to my deep slumber, Waking me up to sustenance, Waking me up to these painted walls. I am made of church… Continue reading In Corners