I sit quietly, observing the silent curves of this Plumeria, a life extending like an infant. No lament today, only the surreal fire of this body, listening to the hanging exhilaration. As if, it digests the broken star running across it’s face of thawed bone. It shifts it’s mouth to a better pathway. It hasContinue reading “Perennial”

Invincible for Once

Infront of me I see a stack of leaves, dwindling in the joyous cool breeze The neem tree singing its prayer, A prayer to soothe my skin. The petals of pink orchid thrum the formidable chants of love, I listen and absorb the essence into my cloud-like body. I hear whistles of raindrops, I hearContinue reading “Invincible for Once”

Blue Light

    Turquoise skin flowing beneath the reflection of the concave mirror, speaking the language of  mammoth desires, forming marks on the human soul. The surreptitious lustre blithe the chilly touch corroding the sides and there I stand inhaling the crisp blue air, decoding, unfolding life’s intense burrows, choking into blue whispers, I slap myContinue reading “Blue Light”