And the clock strikes 3 a.m
still awake and crackling
pain does that to your mind and lips
it detaches a swirl of orange lust
fixating it to prayers and oxygen.
I become breathless, hard as a tomb of a wolf
how blessed are the souls who breathe effortlessly
The pale air climbs my feet and then my watered bosom
with mirrored stones, some mundane puffs I breathe
And the clock strikes 4 a.m
still regenerating the amorphous conversation like a silhouette
I breathe like a ghost
and the pain ascends further on my black curls, splashing
the pit hole talks and a whirlpool of paralysis.
Pain. Pain is a connection between the living and the dead.
Learn its formation. It breaks you, firmaments of tiny blue crystals.
Envelopes of blue talks and blue hopes stick to this breathless staired body.
Do not draw art and do not juggle stars
Take a long brush and insert patterns of demarcations and directions
I am a moist conversation trying to soak your presence
And this pain comes and goes, my body is now a complete sanitarium.
Oh, the clock strikes 6 a.m