windows and mirrors

Often, I am a whole another woman. A woman who sighs with almond breaths, oceanic concave shape of my face, something like an oval,’with fingers typing “slow, breathe” somewhere in this moist air. This woman is inside my onion mind, slithering an oculus bowl of chipped nights. ah, eh, ah, eh the voices are hollow,Continue reading “windows and mirrors”


when you step your foot on the thin film of the sheet, there is a red lampshade, moist and speaking mute voices. you take a right turn then and you see a pill of god. you slurp it backward, at the tip of your tongue, thinking it shall slip softly down in your stomach, hushingContinue reading “backwards”

Inside the walls of sin

My bathroom falls, like walls bleeding poetry of forlorn wrists. The process of cleansing my body is like knotting my untamed hair into a Chinese Bun. The tools twist and become a shapeshifter. The water bath suddenly acts as an agent. chemical reaction running through my body. My bathtub is a war-like place, and IContinue reading “Inside the walls of sin”