Dead & lost

your fingers sweep saline dust on my collarbones of dirt & dead hopes, with figaments of knots, sordid closure. ancient bells marking my face as salinity, A staircase is kneaded inside my soft nerves, my soft calves, my soft body.. the memory stinks & stuck of you, of your black socks i slept in your… Continue reading Dead & lost

Last Single Existence

I am silvered and stickered in the blue’s of despair hunting my scalp down to the ankle stain, recidivating, collapsing For the roads are a summer breeze tropical, slapping my coarse breast the humming is repetitive. like insanity clicking Artless. Viscous walks defy my extinction. The roars and shouts, scrapping my last single bit of… Continue reading Last Single Existence


Sun-dried lemon peels occur on my skin today, For the sky sings dust and hailstorm The segments of abhorrence and sensibilty play a jigsaw game. For I have inhuman breaths you gave on that turtle path of stinking array of roses clinging my soul. I have heard your sorrows, laments to decipher the unknown Still… Continue reading Resentment

Some things to say!!#3

Allright so my dear readers this is a kind of reminder to all to please know the importance of this blogging community. I am here to write down my emotion through my poetry and prose and on the way I have met splendid writers which I really look forward to. But off late I have… Continue reading Some things to say!!#3