I’ve been ripped and raped with ferocious water ripples, knives-steel cracked Blood- bookmarked souls rummaging through my skull black&grey, still, molten. The people are stale and ash clicking wet tongues eh,eh,eh,eh dipped in morgues and shadow of the death With spits of fungus and moss decoding their faces of hunger, the world is a shit… Continue reading Hunters-Down


Something is missing in the pit of my stomach. I feel the charcoal staircase rupturing, then filling in the cracks of the blank moon. Devastation. Delusion. I see my blue arms extended to the poles of molestation, a sudden resolution of black and white vintage movies. My kitchen sink evaporates somewhere. Devastation. The monotony of… Continue reading Absent

The Ghost is back

Apprehensions sink in the dark cloudy layers like the kohl of my waterline, the kohl of my heart I am a clown or that saint of the temple, for people misjudge me With deposition of tears, I shall settle too in the obnoxious satin walls of turbulent words Something swells up on my neck, triangles… Continue reading The Ghost is back


Sun-dried lemon peels occur on my skin today, For the sky sings dust and hailstorm The segments of abhorrence and sensibilty play a jigsaw game. For I have inhuman breaths you gave on that turtle path of stinking array of roses clinging my soul. I have heard your sorrows, laments to decipher the unknown Still… Continue reading Resentment

Inside Ghosts

Scratch my wounds In avarice for further scratch Burst the love seeds, only to discover Another white layer of ghosts The area of demure light-house  swallowing the intransigent reflection  on the seashore, killing molluscs Spraying dark colour on golden fish Peeling the outer space Like a cold Potato. Burn my ashes in my mouth Discovered… Continue reading Inside Ghosts