Published in Virtual Verse

This is such a thrilling feeling as my poem “Discover” has been published in such a versatile magazine Virtual Verse. You may find my work on page 96 among the various beautiful pieces. I am so honoured to find my place there! The collection is stupendously brilliant. Here is the link. Discover  

Burning Mystery

Each summer among the starry-nights, I see poppy feathers dropping On my startling skin, music, reverie Under my chalky lips. The pattern of floral constellations hang from my fragile skin, diamonds, autumn leaves All wrapped like a melody string. The moon flickers on my naked waist, Churning its secret on my cheekbones And something trembles… Continue reading Burning Mystery


The tropical mind you loved, the charm of my heart you carried shall be in the oblivion sky someday, lost like scattered clouds, The naivety of my soul, the pureness of my childlike laughter shall be hidden in the dark musty rocks, so deep and exceptional; that it will become untraceable to find the original… Continue reading Untraceable

Dark howl

I am no summer breeze. Neither I am a warm blanket to provide that yearning, surreal warmth. My own soul is shivering, heart sees cracks here and there, Irrevocable my tears are on this pillow. Fierce, ghost-like shadows perching on my knee joints, It hurts. It hurts my paradise dreams. And you say I am… Continue reading Dark howl

Published in a magazine.

  I have been keeping busy off late, Writing and meeting deadlines and then drafting the manuscript for my next novel has drenched my energy almost. My debutant poetry book can be checked here, in case if you find it appealing. Well, I have been writing less on WordPress as I am trying writing various… Continue reading Published in a magazine.

The ball of shadow

Creating maps, a shadow of present and future, I am scarlet, red ball of hope,fire with golden skin drooling in my cerebrum. I hold your forlorn secrets of love, euphoria Thoughts of tranquility, bewilderement. The tassels of my veins drop from the abyss to your cascading voice Voice of unheard owl, Voice of stale rum… Continue reading The ball of shadow

Once Again

My rapacious soul is satisfied, The ultimate feckless night is perspicacious now! The outlandish thought once peevish, are palpable through a bright rainbow now, My lassitude aura has vanished, The intricate flustered breath is frisky now. The embellished intentions once connive are beaming through my eyes now! I am an ebullient puerile soul now, Undisturbed… Continue reading Once Again

The smoke of love

From my left toe, I bleed shouting the years of constant wound, harsh numb, dead leaves hanging from my inner ear The half lit candle smirks on my shrinking  Bedsheet, that lacks you. With the sway of pendulum I count my hearbeat, hearing the drop of water from My lips to your sturdy chest Pour… Continue reading The smoke of love

Rise and Heal

– Like autumn leaves my words are shredded into the oblivious basket of doleful cracked souls. I rise once again, hoping for a falling star and collecting its reminiscence into my insipid hair, only to emboss the flaws and flourish with my insecurities.     Rise and heal. ¬©my valiant soul


Under the clear skies with pearls of white words, I knit my word into my emotion, repeat the process brush, brush, and blink, blink. Taking the ecstasy onto my teeth, I feel the caress of my saddest lines, put it on my fragile white shoulder, then cut my words and swallow the ink, this is… Continue reading Poetry

For I am a Woman.

 I am a protrusion of rose, hiding the black spot of the moon in my valour that rises white dandelions on your skin. My finger bones creak my virtues, giving a red shade to the once grey shadow for I am a Woman, invincible like mammoth stars, I seek, I wander through the rim of… Continue reading For I am a Woman.

Newborn Me

  Time: An acerbic motionless protest cling to my feet, abstruse it lies on my face disguised as the murky hair-strand, defining today’s black solitude whiffing tomorrow’s grey death. Friable snippets of my today’s sorrow still exist, lying on my wet sheet of the chopped pillow as the translucent water drops on my oak tree,… Continue reading Newborn Me

The-wisdom- is- her

Mother: You are a hyperbole of the moon and the star, a hubris of soliloquy. Like floating wax, you extend your skin to my mouth, forming chains of bewilderment chains of congruence     chains of mammoth frills of hope. You lie in the darkest of hours with a sparkle of holy water on your chin,… Continue reading The-wisdom- is- her

Loop Of Hope.

  The world is a scorching lie, it gallops the light swallowing the other half of a stale melon climbing the stairs in a descending order rubbing alcohol to one’s eye the flaccid numb lugubrious eye throwing dust in the basket of an old lady And then cherishing the gaze of a falling star crossing… Continue reading Loop Of Hope.

A Secret Star

Beneath the professing sound of my laughter, Above the splintery skin of my earlobes A music of reverie churns inside my naval like the icicles formed, sticking to my opaque, incongruous chirpings flowing in the arms of my composer my sooth sayer, my caretaker. The dormant dormitory now kindles, as the path of dark abyss… Continue reading A Secret Star

Auburn circle

Auburn circles of faith, drooling hope in my throat choking my senses to deliver the web of matched periphery of dawn to dusk. I am hanging from the top of colossal tree, where children and lovers come to bask in the mirth of my golden shade, My sapphire corset lying in the turbid laps of nature under… Continue reading Auburn circle