The first issue of – All Ears is out now!

As I write this, I am reminded of all the wonderful poetry,prose that I have been reading for All Ears– An ezine for youth which has been edited by me along with five other editors. With an eye of an editor, it is never an easy task to analyse any piece but with the collective… Continue reading The first issue of – All Ears is out now!

A landscape-

the rivers that speak of us, warmer bodies nectars of jasmine and hibiscus- a lady from photograph, biting a strange loneliness sitting onto her bosom a strange memory of distilled longings- a lady that sulks and pronounce everything watery, dreams of wildfire and river-beds I travel through her caricature, her oblong drifting fingers, eyes of… Continue reading A landscape-

Hi! I am seeking artists/ poets for my monthly newsletter

Dear readers, As you all are aware I run a monthly newsletter which I started last year to celebrate my daily chores, hurdles, art, poetry, music and things related to mindfulness, I am now blessed to have more than 150 readers as I would like to say. In order to break the monotony, I need… Continue reading Hi! I am seeking artists/ poets for my monthly newsletter

Blue velvet sighs

Body of coral sunsets slipping underneath,and I think of your curvatures, silhouettes of water- lotusa heavy mass of flower spinning upon the moon,a daydream and slow night slow as far riverbeds, moaningquick and slow.the fingernails hide a slippery naked climate,fermented by the shiver and body on body dirty tablecloths:dirty walls, kitchen sinks melting awaymelting like… Continue reading Blue velvet sighs


Longings My days are cryptic with mellow songs sunflowers pressed on my bosom, on my chest. My days are usually full of lies and loneliness with a wildflower travelling through my veins, Where a mind refuses to sleep, a haunted manor of poetry painted carpets a garden of lover’s daydream At sunsets I visit temples,… Continue reading Longings

To all the dead trees-

swim acrossattest the painsink into the lake of griefwatch and convulse, the narration-the blue oblong face of emotions-it disappoints me each day,you and your flatterymy small body,small, petite chin that thrusts no life anymore.Watch a face again,think about it,the slippery texturegrains allover the bodyblurred, overgown opinionsI am sad flower today, trying to be the moonbut… Continue reading To all the dead trees-

Reading a poem.( How to)

Reading a poem:Chop, turn and locate.Stir the dust and sniff the pageNo, do not gulp right now.Halt and watch the wordsflossing amidst the golden page there, a wire of tangent imageries,a sharp tooth that slurps the painwiping faded things,blossoming into a new Earth-No, do not stop! A word you mis-spelled, just like the rotten limbs… Continue reading Reading a poem.( How to)


Scissors often draw a diagram On my cold slender hands, A light peeks in, as if to tell something new. A light A hope. A hiccup that stops another hiccup. This light, a soft tune to my ears. What do I consider this art of life? A hummus stain on my sequin dress. A quiet… Continue reading Arbitration-

To my readers- thank you

I am writing this post to express my gratitude to all those who recently bought a copy of my book ‘Crimson Skins‘ and left such heartfelt messages, emails etc about the impact of my book. My poetry collection was written during the more coarse phase of my life and I am glad, you all loved… Continue reading To my readers- thank you

The Awakening-

If I could,I would evaporate through your moutha doorawy to dreamsand tiny dots-wild mushrooms dancing atop our bodiesas if we have trapped the moon in our eyelids-eyelids that do not utter a word, flowers on terrace,static noises we scratch water with nails,dirt on our palmsto know the film of our memoryfloating in the lakethrough breasts,… Continue reading The Awakening-

The sad picture-

It’s about us. Our static atmosphere which keeps changing its dimension. Through the clandestine mouths of river and a dark cloud. At times, there is nothing but a tainted shadow our love growing a thick layer of fungus. We grow, anyway. We grow and talk about the leftover meals, the swollen flowers of our garden,… Continue reading The sad picture-


The collarbone cracks open, a petal of your name, a thick cloud of lust sounds that speak only of splitted grass I see you and I think oh ‘home’ honey-suckled touch, tongues: tongues interwined into sheets of desire of lukewarm, misted talks about us and hopes to stay. It is Summer now, a season of… Continue reading Summer-

sense of staying- a poem

Hi, Welcome to my poetry world yet again. I guess we all have no better solution rather than staying positive and hopeful. I am glad to feel this positive vibe yet again after all that India has been through and is still dealing. I am trying to do as much as I can and that… Continue reading sense of staying- a poem


The snifflingersbetween the hills and the mountaina sniff to overcome a dismay,a snippet of a saintthrough the threads of fragile life.Jasmine- a floral drop of snownow between my knuckles,rubbingagainst my pillowa cry for dreams,a lotus shaped prayer.Jasmine- a quiet nostalgic hope,prayers about fairies and daydreams,The sun and the waters,echoing wool of the sunburn.The sniff-my mother’s… Continue reading Jasmine

a thing of loss

I am coming back to my writing my poems after a while a lot changed during these times. (Pandemic- second wave) My yellow tree remained un-watered all this while, humans burnt, relatives, families submerged with tears/ fears see my poem has started to rhyme, even. Keep on reading you will sense no sensibility a bunch… Continue reading a thing of loss

Open Screams

Hi! I have not written here since last month. As you all know, India is dealing with the second treacherous wave of pandemic and somehow i managed this . While my parents are still recovering my heart goes out to every life lost, every soul that departed too early. It will take time to accept… Continue reading Open Screams