Gulmohar, When it Rains

I have a poem published in the monsoon issue of The Woman Inc. Please pay a read. Thank you.

The Woman Inc.

By Devika Mathur

Nature, Green, Flower, Garden, Plants, Wallpapers

The shades of skin- glowing like April mornings
a soft warm tone of Gulmohar tree upon my eyelids-
a doorway to oceans, two pebble eyes
Open in the open sky
This tree a meteor of clouds to my mind
to remind me of Earth, soil and home.

Rains: a thunder of God’s voice

Gulmohar tree- pockets of cellophane wrapped on its bark
to bloom something more
tender, quiet roar of women.

I see leaves, rustling
with leeks and violet rays uttering a dialogue of beauty
of dark violet raisin pressed between my palms,
This tree has me. These raindrops seeps into my fist and eyes
as a whole another Goddess.
as a whole another memory.

Gulmohar- your orange red hair blooming backwards
As if life slips from you easily,
So softly as a lover’s touch.

You have a staircase full of outgrown desires
You leave it and…

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