My body underneath

You- a nectar of the moon,gliding through the gleaming sheets of orange moansatop my waistthat slips through your feetand a long stare-a reverie of blooming seasonshorizontal touches of galaxy,A walnut cracks open, a fidget through the bones a sweet summer song- soil, soil,soil I see raindrops through my belly, now-a grasshopper twirling through the toesyou-… Continue reading My body underneath

Hear my Podcast episode-as I talk about creativity.

Dear Readers, Hear me talk to the adventurous soul Petra on the recent episode for her Podcast that she calls “Erratic Hat Podcast”. I talk about creativity, the writing process and about publishing process etc. You can check out the podcast and her blog here. Also, I have changed my newsletter title now- it is… Continue reading Hear my Podcast episode-as I talk about creativity.