To all the dead trees-

swim acrossattest the painsink into the lake of griefwatch and convulse, the narration-the blue oblong face of emotions-it disappoints me each day,you and your flatterymy small body,small, petite chin that thrusts no life anymore.Watch a face again,think about it,the slippery texturegrains allover the bodyblurred, overgown opinionsI am sad flower today, trying to be the moonbut… Continue reading To all the dead trees-

Reading a poem.( How to)

Reading a poem:Chop, turn and locate.Stir the dust and sniff the pageNo, do not gulp right now.Halt and watch the wordsflossing amidst the golden page there, a wire of tangent imageries,a sharp tooth that slurps the painwiping faded things,blossoming into a new Earth-No, do not stop! A word you mis-spelled, just like the rotten limbs… Continue reading Reading a poem.( How to)


Scissors often draw a diagram On my cold slender hands, A light peeks in, as if to tell something new. A light A hope. A hiccup that stops another hiccup. This light, a soft tune to my ears. What do I consider this art of life? A hummus stain on my sequin dress. A quiet… Continue reading Arbitration-

To my readers- thank you

I am writing this post to express my gratitude to all those who recently bought a copy of my book ‘Crimson Skins‘ and left such heartfelt messages, emails etc about the impact of my book. My poetry collection was written during the more coarse phase of my life and I am glad, you all loved… Continue reading To my readers- thank you