Understanding Poetry

How much is too much? Inosculate, squalid words on your sheet the layers that speak of my heavy mind are supposed to be easy to ingest? How? The air is as pellucid as my eye of misery. but the words do not stop here the words do not stick just to the head there is… Continue reading Understanding Poetry

interview with Pooja

I am delighted to announce that recently I was a part of an interview done by Pooja of Lifesfinewhine. We discussed a few aspects of Art in a short, crisp way. Head over to her blog to read my interview and all the lovely things she writes there and do show your love to all… Continue reading interview with Pooja


the voice cracks in the summer sun I hear things falling apart underneath my door knob behind the cobweb- almost gone now i hear things decaying, distorted as the morning yawn the leaves so parched the sun , cold and warm there is a music that stops playing as i write this the music that… Continue reading Stillness

no space to love

Napowrimo#12 the poppies won’t die tonight I sense the drama through the bleeding faces again the parched vase of you and me the horizon of us- a hallowing question to that equation the fields seem opaque, dreary, with white sunflowers I run and burn to sniff your presence to sniff the existence the love equation… Continue reading no space to love

The Hunt

But this sorrow never ends. The tongue that runs colddue to platonic threads of sins and cold meadowsthe ache is blooming each daybeneath the blue unfolded eyesthe colour green- now a tone of burning bodiesthis is my survival song, you see with lines cryptic sunset on my lap the night never fades awaythe soil enriched… Continue reading The Hunt

Gulmohar- a poem

The shades of skin- glowing like April morningsa soft warm tone of Gulmohar tree upon my eyelids-a doorway to oceans, two pebble eyesOpen in the open skyThis tree a meteor of clouds to my mindto remind me of Earth, soil and home.Gulmohar tree- pockets of cellophane wrapped on its barkto bloom something moretender, quiet roar… Continue reading Gulmohar- a poem

If this is us…

But the thing is everything shall be depleted. This. Us and our stay. What if, I could hold the habit of loving you for once? My eyelids dipped in lemon peel thinking of ways to dream about you. The rooms that still roar about our love making. The walls still cracking a semantic, quiet low… Continue reading If this is us…

Excess- a poem

Napowrimo#2 Not just this: there is excess of daydream floating around, a toothless, opaque body of light what do we name it? A house full of sighs/ gasps/ swollen people where objects assume outlines But who are you? To raise a question? The minute I saw you, I could not escape. On the sea floor,… Continue reading Excess- a poem