Daisy and the fields

my body is a quiet placeit’s about flowers stones a silent theatregreen threads of the blue skywet body of motifs and beautiful soft wildflowerstoday,the mind wanders for a soulful soula shade of velvet love- making,golden embers, a glint of partial sunlightmy limbs are imagery, as ifmy hands my poetrythis womb, a season of creation,like sea,… Continue reading Daisy and the fields

We need to have something to hold on

I have thought of inculcating a better routine for this month now. I am happy to have my poems accepted in a few magazines as I thought would be doing for the month of March and I am not writing much. So, it’s okay actually! So, each month I would sit along with my journal… Continue reading We need to have something to hold on

A quick update about my blog

Hi all !I am just planning to engage in a new aspect of blogging and writing my heart out. For sure, I will be doing poetry, Poetry is my heart and religion but for some reason I want to connect deeper and would love to dig in more. I would love to discuss Art in… Continue reading A quick update about my blog

Late Moon- A collaboration

I am more than glad to have stumbled upon Lucy’s gorgeous blog and we both decided to do a collaboration together. Please read and let us know of your opinion in the comments. Show some love to her blog as well. It happened again the dead sea full of dried emotions and the charm to… Continue reading Late Moon- A collaboration


Dear readers,How have you been all?Even though I write my poetry and words and keep on doing so many various projects to help the writing community and people in generalwhy is there a sudden urge to relax a lot? I agree I need to take a pause. I believe in slow yet productive growth but… Continue reading Untitled.

To the woman- who knows it all

The other day I thought of writing a poetry about healing About self- love, growth Nonsense. My tone is still abrupt, crooked, melancholic Orange like the winter sun My hands are yet pale. Yellow as the home cooked oil, The other day I thought of writing about memories that soothe me Motionless. About the barren… Continue reading To the woman- who knows it all


My days in afternoon are nothing like yours, I spend most of it by bird- watching, Somersaulting colors of the sky, I sip my chamomile tea to prepare my mind for the evening’s strangers visit to my head. My days are nothing like yours, I adorn my necklaces again and again, repetitive rituals often act… Continue reading Protection


Bones indigo, lacking a piece of earth, inside your mouth of stars a tremor of zodiac signs Like a Taurus blooming.   You sprinkle lust on my bosom bubbles of thin colours, a 4 am  moonlight sigh. Tender mouths of mud and water, unborn fruits of the ultimate kiss. This is us.   My hips… Continue reading Meteors

A concern to self-

And there is almost nothing but this silence with which I caress my pallid numb thoughts mud stained- inner knuckles, fingernails growing all small and ugly and not just that, but I sleep with my dirty longings as well. Bed of misery beneath the flesh of tongue. Endless field of dark fragmented hopes/ You name… Continue reading A concern to self-