The body

The flesh is incoherent
the nuance of this body is sand
all things that sit inside my bones, tremble
like sounds unheard,
from the Indian mountains it begins to crack
piece by piece
as if it is the wail of time
as if there is no neck to this body.
Humans- all that they love, sinks beneath,
And my eyes become wrinkled pomegranate seeds
awash beside the uprooted trees of misery.
I wrote my poetry book – Crimson Skins out of pain, love, despair. Hope you like it too. Links can be checked out here- IT’S AVAILABLE AT HALF THE COST ON POTHI.:) I have posted the reviews for my book in past posts, check it out if you are skeptical. I would appreciate it.
Crimson skins – US
Crimson Skins- POTHI
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