song of skin

   ARt-Rajendra Gupta here is my skinall nakedfor the trees to murmur a soft blowa hibiscus to press my earlobe against the pillowthe handprints of the moon against my cheek,here is my skin- sliced as an orangepiquant as sunraysover the glare of the auburn skymy skin- a nectar of soft honey sighof a mother’s soft… Continue reading song of skin


Where do I stick flowers now?The empty faces,the mundane eyes. The silhoutte of a dark rivershifting its path across my face,turn by turn; Where do I paint red shades of sunset now?A myth of potpourri,a lake of setting cold nostrils. I pray and repeat my rituals,a soothsayer of my belly now,a tale forgotten.A night of… Continue reading Sunburn

“Crimson Skins By Devika Mathur”-( an honest review)

Crimson Skins Ok… There comes a time in every persons life.Where we all have to make wise decisions. One false decision can alter the course of your life. Sometimes for the worst! Luckily……. I made one great decision….. A wonderful decision…. A wise decision…. I bought me a copy of         “Crimson Skins Poetry &… Continue reading “Crimson Skins By Devika Mathur”-( an honest review)

Please read this.

Hello dear readers, I have no clue how to begin this but I definitely feel sad to see how people on this lovely community are showing lack of interaction on my blog. I understand, how I was not always there to read all your lovely posts as I was caught up in the releasing/ promoting… Continue reading Please read this.

Crimson Skins by Devika Mathur- Book Review

Crimson Skins is an astounding and aesthetically beautiful poetry collection written by Devika Mathur. I have known her through primarily WordPress, myvaliantsoul and Instagram where she shares her poetry and prose. Published in many journals and literary magazines, Devika surprises us again with Crimson Skins which entirely emanates her writing styles- surreal, raw, powerful and… Continue reading Crimson Skins by Devika Mathur- Book Review

lady in white

  I know of a lady in whitewith a mouth full of promises,spreading a nocturnal path of flowers,like a longed kiss above the eye,a lady that slips in my chest,within the small rim of my fist,a sniff so wild, a mouth that dwells on mountains moist.a lady with a potato peel,with cardigans and wool on… Continue reading lady in white

Get a signed copy of my book- Crimson Skins

I just received my author copies of “Crimson Skins“. If anyone interested in receiving a signed copy of my book please let me know as soon as possible. The books will be available at discount, also along with my signature. If in case you wish to read the collection sometimes in future, support this fellow… Continue reading Get a signed copy of my book- Crimson Skins