Appearance – Devika Mathur

Come read me here.


I carry generations of memories and mementoes

the unmade bed which once remained futile

I call myself by names like “Spring” “Autumn” “Rain”

the Earth : precisely.

together in my compromise,

lights on a cave wall

often a soil that is way too parched,

I walk here,

on the barren land of lonesome despair

knitting  a quiet dream of my irrevocable silence,

The air never sits on my lap,

it touches my throat and sinks vehemently

as if I am the injured summer

With me, the garden creaks of rain,

with laughter and daughters

and so I carry promises of diluted hope

I am the Earth,

no sap and no color,

a nameless child of an unforgettable father.


let love be the light

let the air be printed by the leaf shadow

and I shall sniff the appearance

pouring light into the void

fifty feet into the air.


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4 thoughts on “Appearance – Devika Mathur

  1. I really like this…not just one favorite part, but all of it
    I can’t describe in words, it was more an energy that is felt in the soul to awaken the spirit
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter..

    Liked by 1 person

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