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The Narration

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Nothing has really happened until it has been described”- Virginia Woolf

The sun departs the space, leaving shades of colors
colors that make you vomit about your own deeds.
The sky is bleached now,
Liting and spreading haphazardly
The first kiss should be described as the volatile movements of a poet’s pen,
a bumblebee poking the thin air,

Sometimes it’s worthless.
This continuous fight for survival,
the pervading lies of a head
so I describe a single fall of an ant in the lakes.
I could watch a blooming flower and write poetry in my head.

The fall,
the abortion, the play
the oil lamps,
the puerile laughters of children
they summarize a thing happened once.

Nothing has really happened until it has been described.


Appearance – Devika Mathur

Come read me here.


I carry generations of memories and mementoes

the unmade bed which once remained futile

I call myself by names like “Spring” “Autumn” “Rain”

the Earth : precisely.

together in my compromise,

lights on a cave wall

often a soil that is way too parched,

I walk here,

on the barren land of lonesome despair

knitting  a quiet dream of my irrevocable silence,

The air never sits on my lap,

it touches my throat and sinks vehemently

as if I am the injured summer

With me, the garden creaks of rain,

with laughter and daughters

and so I carry promises of diluted hope

I am the Earth,

no sap and no color,

a nameless child of an unforgettable father.


let love be the light

let the air be printed by the leaf shadow

and I shall sniff the appearance

pouring light into the void

fifty feet into the air.


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Updates on Olive Skins

Sipping my tea, here I am wishing a very happy and prosperous new year to all. I hope you all work harder this year, laugh harder and be more kind to everyone around you especially yourself!

Having said that I would like to start this post with a positive approach for my baby that is Olive skins. I am all ready to start it with new hope and zeal. Last year actually did not go well personally at all, it made me stronger though to deal with my things consciously.

So once again, my that poetry page is all ready to welcome your contemporary, surrealistic poems. I also would welcome any suggestions at @oliveskinspoet@gmail.com. If you wish to join this baby venture as a member, contributor, you are more than welcome!
You can check out my website here and get started with it. This month, there is no theme for the submissions so you can play with your thoughts, creativity and what not!

Let’s roll!