the departure

Temperature as high as this pain, grief: a dialogue now between this sour body. A sinister talk to my mind, threads of summer bright, Yes, understand this poem now understand the grief behind the back, the bareback of velvet love, the river madness, my body shuddering like a torn piece of cloth to miss your… Continue reading the departure

what makes my skin so bright

  I chop a slice of moon of an excellent shard from a mirror, I take a dip in a splintering winter well, the well of charm & despair, the evening air does the rest of the job the apricots stitched onto my lips my lips forbid to tell your secrets there, there is nothing… Continue reading what makes my skin so bright

A Four Light Window

1 the first is a spot through which a night shines the first is a mouth like a spot or a spot like a mouth, this confusion happens to me through the atrocities of words, the glass beads of unspoken talks 2 The second is blurred. a garage of broken lives. broached interpretations mark of… Continue reading A Four Light Window

Dimensions of Pain

Pain surrounds my tongue in different ways through a concave tesseract, if you understand. Pain separates my body from my head for my head would then splinter, circling through bare-skinned hands. My limbs cry each night thinking of dried grief, the air is not religious. A needle pointing south and a needle pointing at my… Continue reading Dimensions of Pain


  An old saying I recite, mapping the distance of my chest to my thighs, sipping hot tea, the typical Indian aroma, the distinctive sniff which makes your crawl  your mind, to rummage through the orange teal box of old photographs, the box of stoic flushed postcards. It happens in a minute. A sky so… Continue reading Elements


Quietly, winter sets in like a bride so pure, a porcelain teapot full of warmth, a dandelion brushing against the skin. The kitchen lights shine on my bare skin, producing a glimmer of my mind. The grass is cut short. Precise and anorexic. The air is not the same anymore. Bulbs of sophisticated figments produce… Continue reading Winter