Midsummer’s mad song

How many times do I need to die to keep you awake? A figure of wax evolves and quietly speaks your name to me. Your tangerine lips, a lump of sugar and clove all dissolved in my ears. What is your language of love? You reach my body with chemicals gushing until the body shatters… Continue reading Midsummer’s mad song

Olive Skins is live now

Thank you for such an overwhelming response for my new literary platform “Olive skins”. We have received some really great submissions and soon would be putting up on the site. Meanwhile, please visit the site, follow and check out the amazing poets we have for now. There is a lot more to come. Some real… Continue reading Olive Skins is live now

A poet too insane

A frequent dancing step of memory so unique and feverish, an operation of melodious thunderstorms circulating/ watching a gluey stare What is that white noise? A stare, a semantic of laughter. A cacophony of strange chemicals. The molten rhythm of steroid heart. I am blue today, dark blue. nothing that remains inside excites me, I… Continue reading A poet too insane

Update on Olive skins

I am more than thrilled to announce that Kristiana and I have started this collective together which talks about all your pain, abstract verse, surreal poetries through our collective Olive Skins. We have received a great number of submissions for the first issue based on the theme “loss”. While we are still on for reading… Continue reading Update on Olive skins

A poem like this

Mouth of stars/ flickering hands of aesthetic people/ a blue picture/ a few more aesthetic people/ watching a turquoise dream altogether/ hands covered with kisses and sweet dreams/ a picture so surreal/ A body naked/ Warm/ a corroded necklace/ some more soft kisses/ Prayers/ An air of lullabies caressing toenails/ Journeys ending to nowhere/ starlight… Continue reading A poem like this


Tara remembers her doings. The pale kitchen sink speaking of chipped dreams, tectonic thighs of fidgeting swamp. Her lipstick is all nude today. Nude as the man of her dreams, saliva draped carefully between the folds of her lips. And her purse sliding between her perfect round bosom. She wears sunrise as her makeup, with… Continue reading Tara

A sedative

I want to quieten my mind and each day I would count ways to do that. Popping pills backward / gazing at the starlight until dawn slaps me all over again. A memory of death fidgets with my tectonic body. I become so slow. slow like degrading with the earth. I count ways to quiet… Continue reading A sedative